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Waso Quick Gentle Cleanser 150Ml - Shiseido
Waso all things beautiful come from nature. Skincare crafted with respect for nature to address the needs of young millennials in their early 20s. No parabens. No mineral oil. No plastic micro-beads. Because less isnt more. Its everything. In harmony with nature, Waso nurtures the skins natural powers to bring out your most beautiful, authentic self. Inspired by Washoku a traditional Japanese cuisine, Waso incorporates exclusive technologies obtained through the latest Shiseido research. In the same manner as Washoku, Waso respects the diversity and richness of nature, to bring out the natural goodness of each and every ingredient. The Quick Gentle Cleanser is a heavenly refreshing cleanser with honey and royal jelly from bees. The honey-like gel foams without water.
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