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Urban Decay
Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion 10Ml - Fail Bait - Urban Decay
A seemingly impossible feat, Urban Decay found a way to make eye shadow primer potion even better. With revamped packageing that includes an applicator, this legendary primer looks more gorgeous and applies with more versatility. The formula still packs the powers its famous for 24 hour, crease free shadow, more vibrant colour and smoother application. Once youve tried eye shadow primer potion, youll never want to live without it. Space age polymer technology fills in any imperfections on the skins surface, prepping your lids for all day shadow. Urban Decays paraben free original shade glides on smoothly, blends beautifully on all skin tones and dries invisibly. Easy on the eyes in more ways than one, this coveted primer now comes in revamped packageing with gorgeous ombre artwork and a faceted, jewel like cap. Squeeze the potion directly from the tube or use the flocked wand applicator. Either way, you get precise, controlled application every time.
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