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Review of bareMinerals BarePro Longwear Lipstick

Getting Lippy

IMG_E1410.JPGWithout BareproIMG_E1412.JPGWith BarePro

OK so I've been wearing the BarePro for a week now (strictly speaking 6 and a half days but enough to review I think!) Overall, I think this is a very pretty easy to wear lipstick. It is not in the least drying and is very easy to wear and apply. 


To those waiting for my post-treadmill review, I've had a knee injury this week so haven't been able to get to the gym to use the treadmill. I was there doing strengthening exercises but owing to the queue of pumped up men wanting to use either the machines or the fellow Yogi's wanting the floor space I was occupying, I didn't think I'd risk it! But I did manage to apply on public transport and that application is in my picture above.


It was easy to apply, very soft, and I worry about it being as firm and easy to apply in the summer given how crazy our temperatures get. A word of advice here- if you do have any of these, hide them in the fridge once the weather gets warmer than 30 degrees if you want to keep it in it's stick form! (I will add that the BarePro is not the only lipstick to be at risk of melting, I've lost too many lippys to the weather over the years, brands ranging from Mac and Urban Decay to YSL to Rimmel, it's just what happens with moisturising lipsticks, just store them in the fridge and they wont melt and will still be super easy to apply).


I really loved wearing this! Thank you Debenhams for the opportunity to test it! I may have gone down a shade or two to give a deeper shade and did see on the website that this is one of the paler shades and that there are others which are darker so if you were concerned this may be too pale for you, don't be! The only issue I had which is more of a personal one, is that I'd have liked a few warmer shades. They all seemed quite cool and though this is more flattering, I'd have liked a few orange based rather than blue based shades, but who knows; maybe there is more to come. 


I didn't find it very sheer, (which is a good thing!) It has a nice bold coverage. Given it's shade in combination to my own lip shade, it wasn't so easy to see if I'd need more than one coat but I really don't think I would do. One coat seems enough. I did need to go over my lip twice as it's quite slender in size, but overall it doesn't need a heavy hand to apply.


Did it last all day? Sadly not. I do use my lips a lot, so maybe this wouldn't have been the case if I just didn't talk, eat and drink as much as I do. I did need to reapply every time I ate or drank and after talking for a long time I'd need to reapply. Parts of the lipstick wore off when I needed to talk, but it was completely off following eating a snack or drinking a coffee. I think this is the compensation you pay for something feeling so comfortable to wear- I really couldn't feel myself wearing it.

 I'm normally more of a fan of the all-day type lipsticks but they are all very drying and you risk bone dry peeling lips if you do that day in day out all week. But with the barePro, although it's not an all day lipstick, if you do reapply and wear all day, it will not dry out your lips and it can be worn all day as long as you are happy to reapply.


BareMinerals barePro


  • Super easy to apply given it's slender size
  • Not at all drying- its actually quite moisturising and could be worn all day 
  • Pretty colour that went on evenly and didn't separate during it's wear
  • Slender enough for people worried about their lips thinning
  • Bold enough to only need one coat. 



  •  Didn't last all day and needed reapplication after eating, drinking or talking a lot.
  • The range seems on the pinker side which may not be as easy to wear for some.
  • As this is a soft lipstick it may risk melting and wouldn't be so portable in warmer months

Re: Review of bareMinerals BarePro Longwear Lipstick

Beauty Icon

Love the review,  it's very detailed! 💖 I see it only subtly changes your lips and looks great!


I'm so sad to hear about your knee,  injuries when you want to go to the gym are no fun. But I'm still holding you to trying it out on a treadmill 😂! Only because I'd be too shy to do that! xx


Re: Review of bareMinerals BarePro Longwear Lipstick

Nailing It

@LooksuptotheSky great review Smiley Happy