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Review of Guerlain - Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau De Toilette

Total Glossip

Hi peeps,


I was one of the lucky people from the Community to be selected to review the bew Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose perfume.


I absolutely love it- I feel like I've been showered with a gorgeous floral bouquet that has a mix of different flowers including roses.  i've had so many compliments when i've been wearing this and i've been surprised that the scent has lasted so well throughout the day. Usually with eau de toilette's i find some scents can disappear but not this one. Will definately be buying this  again when i run out. Think it may even become one of my favourites!! Smiley Very Happy


See answers to the question below:


  1. What do you love about the perfume and why? Love the fresh floral smell of the different flowers-its not just a strong rose scent so makes it smell like a gorgeous mixed bouquet. And I absolutely love the bottle-it's so simple and looks really pretty. It's definately getting place on my perfume shelf Smiley Very Happy
  2. How would you describe the smell? Fresh, floral bouquet thats not over powering and doesnt have the strong scent of roses-really do like it as it doesnt have a strong lingering smell but still lasted ages
  3. What’s your top tip for long-lasting fragrance? my top tips for long lasting fragrance is to spray it on your pulse points like your wrists and behind ears, but i also spray a bit on my hair and a spritz on my clothes. If you have a shower gel and body lotion use those too  as your perfume will last all day! 
  4. Would you recommend this to a friend, and why? Definately-its such a lovely scent that can be used daily without being over-powering.  If you like fresh floral scents then this one is definately for you. And the bottle itself is so pretty-i'm sure it'll look amazing on any dressing table. If not just buy one as a gift for someone else -i'm sure they will love it too!
  5. Please include a photo of your new perfume in your review!   

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20190208_142231.jpgThe bottle20190208_132421.jpgThe perfume



Re: Review of Guerlain - Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau De Toilette


Lovely review @Sabina123 , makes me even more impatient about finding this bouquet to smell Smiley Happy. xx

Re: Review of Guerlain - Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau De Toilette

Community Manager
Community Manager

Such a fab review @Sabina123, thank you! So glad you liked it 😄