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Naked Honey review :)

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First off, thank you so so much for letting us try out and review the palette before anybody else @TazK @EllenL, you sure know how to make your club members happy and appreciated Heart!


Naked Honey.jpgNaked Honey

What do you love about the palette and why?
Ever since I saw the first photos of this palette it owned my heart. And then it showed up in store, I had a chance to play with it and fell even more in love, everyone who's talked to me recently knows I was set on buying it come payday! Smiley Happy. So what's so amazing about it? Well it's the warm toned palette I've been waiting for, it's muted orangey browns without being too bright orange. Just the right amount of warmth and colour that I find complements my brown eyes like no other. All the mattes are buttery and soft, easy to pick up with minimal fallout and maximum payout Woman LOL. The shimmers are lovely and stunning, especially Honey, it's such a vibrant and beautiful gold you have to see it to understand. I've been loving the Naked Reloaded formula and this seems like it's even better somehow! Heart


Naked Honey palette.jpgNaked Honey

Naked Honey swatches.jpgNaked Honey swatches

What is favourite shade from the palette?
Totally all the mattes! I live for Swarm and Keeper, one of my favourite looks to do is using Swarm all over the lid, Keeper in the crease with Sting in the outer corner of the eye to add more dimension, nice, easy and simple, for a perfect day to day look.


Naked Honey brush sides.jpgNaked Honey brush

Top Tip for creating a look with the Palette?
Don't be afraid to experiment with mixing and matching colours, they all go so well together the turnout is always beautiful Heart. And secondly, I love using the 'foiling' technique with the shimmers, dip your brush in a colour then spray All Nighter Setting Spray 118Ml - Urban Decay on top and apply, eyeshadows look even more vibrant and eye catching this way.


Naked Honey brush.jpgNaked Honey

Here's a look I did yesterday with it, I used Swarm in the crease, Drip in the outer corner, Amber (foiled!) in the middle of my lid, Honey in the inner corner and Flyby just under the brow bone, my go-to date night look for a while Smiley Happy. It was daytime meaning I couldn't really catch the beautiful shimmers too well, so sorry about that! You can see it's a pretty good daytime look as well, and then it comes to shine full force when you're in a nighttime setting. Heart


Naked Honey look.jpgNaked Honey

As far as cons go, I've got to admit, the eyeshadow quality is impeccable, but the brush is sort of disappointing. I did my swatches with it and it took me a while as it just doesn't pick up eyeshadow as well as other brushes I have. I would have preferred if they stuck to the Reloaded format, sleeker, a bit more elegant and no brush.


Would you recommend this palette to a friend?
Yes yes yes yes! 100 times yes! Like I said earlier, to me it's a perfect warm palette without being too crazy, just ask @Julia or @SophieG1 how obsessed I've been with it haha. It's a very versatile neutral palette, you can have everyday looks and at the same time you can pull off a stunning sultry look or a lovely messy grungy one, total win!


Thank you again to the lovely admin ladies HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart.


Re: Naked Honey review :)

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@Pineapple  well done brill review and nice everyday look defo😍😍

Re: Naked Honey review :)


Thanks for your honest review! Beautiful look😍 @Pineapple 

Re: Naked Honey review :)

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Fab review, @Pineapple. And absolutely gorgeous piccys 😘🖤

Re: Naked Honey review :)

Going Pro

@Pineapple  Thank you for such a detailed review, I love the look you have created & the top tip you mentioned with the UD setting spray. All i can say is carry on enjoying it ,which I'm sure you will Heart

Re: Naked Honey review :)

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@Pineapple  Love Love Love your detailed review,  You know how to make a good detailed review.  And yes I know that you have been obsessed with it since the palette was announced on Instagram,  because that's all we been talking 😂 

Re: Naked Honey review :)

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@Pineapple  congratulations love 😍❤️ What a lovely review 😍 looking beautiful 😍I can feel by reading review you are super happy to get it so congratulations again😍❤️

Re: Naked Honey review :)

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@Pineapple  Congratulations gaal, well deserved!🖤 fabulous detailed review 🙌 beautifully look🖤🥰🥰 Enjoyy🍯🍯🐝🐝

Re: Naked Honey review :)


Looks lovely @Pineapple, great review thanks 🙂

Re: Naked Honey review :)


@Pineapple  congratulations! And thank you for fab review an your day looks lovely!😍