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My WASO Beauty Sleeping Gel Face Mask review

Nailing It

 I recieved the WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask from Shiseido to test it a couple of weeks ago. I love the fact that its container is made of glass,which makes the product be preserved much better!I use it twice a week,in the night before go to sleep, and once a week as  a mask I apply and leave it on my face gor 10 minutes.It can be applied in two different ways, but my favourite method is to apply before sleep.After multiple uses, my skin has become brighter and moisturized! Besides, I have noticed that if I have a  swollen pimple and I apply the mask, by morning it is almost entirely dried, which makes the mask be perfect. I would recommend it for dry and combination skin for a very clean face and for a flawless make up next day😍😍 @EllenL



Re: My WASO Beauty Sleeping Gel Face Mask review

All Eyes on Me


This may well be a mask I try in the future as I have dry skin and this is the second recommendation I have seen on here for this product.


Re: My WASO Beauty Sleeping Gel Face Mask review

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your great review @mihaelaratiu29 😊 so glad you liked it!

I definitely need to try this mask...