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Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

Getting Lippy

Firstly I would like to thank @TazK for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing product! 


I wanted to give it a good test out, so have given at least 3 months to see how much my skin has changed. The Murad Night Fiz Enzyme Treatment states that it will repair your skin overnight, minimizing fine lines, boosting hydration and revive radiance.


My skin is very dry, however it is also very oily. I am a light sleeper and a student nurse so my shifts are all over the place at the moment. I also suffer with endometriosis which gives me a lot of pain so struggle to get to sleep. So was interested in seeing if this product would help with my dry skin and the aroma to help aid my sleep. And let me tell you, this product has definately made a difference to my skin! Its not as dry for starters and I'm more confident to have days where I won't wear make up.  I love the smell of the product, it not a thick treatment and a little goes a long way. 


I use one pump, after applying my moisturiser over my face and neck as my last part of my skincare regime before bed. As mentioned previously the cream is light and easily absorbed into the skin, instantly making your skin feel smooth and soft. The smell of the product is so relaxing and isn't too overpowering.


After using this product every night I definately saw a difference straight away, however now I have noticed my skin doesn't feel as dry. As I don't feel the need to wear make up that much now, when I do come to apply it, it goes on a lot better and my skin overall feels much healthier. 

However with my sleeping, I didn't notice that much - however I do feel the smell helped me drift off and calm me.


I would definately recommend the Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment to my friends and family - I've actually already done so! Like I have mentioned I have been using it for nearly 3 months and I still have some left. So the amount you pay you definately get your moneys worth!20190819_101617.jpg



***Not sure why my photo is not uploading properly..apologies!***


Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

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@mkinchley  Great review 😊

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

Getting Lippy

Great review.  Thanks very much for sharing this.  I've never tried anything from this brand but I will definitely keep an eye out for it now. 

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

Nailing It

@mkinchley congratulations on being selected, nice ti hear that it helps and improve your skin😊

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

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@mkinchley  That’s a very good and detailed review. Congrats on being selected and glad to know it’s working for you 👏🏻👏🏻☺️

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!


@mkinchley  congratulations on being selected 🙌 what a great detailed reveiw Enjoy 🤩🤩

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

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@mkinchley  Thankyou for taking your time out to review this. Very well detailed and I'm so glad its made major improvements to your skin. x

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

Going Pro

@mkinchley this sounds great I just need to save my pennies to buy it 😭 xoxo

Re: Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Review!

Getting Lippy

Looks good. Will try it soon.