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Mon Guerlain Bloom Of Rose Eau De Toilette

Getting Lippy

Recently I've been testing out the new Bloom Of Rose Eau De Toilette perfume from Guerlain. These are my thoughts on this new scent!

1. Q: What do you love about the perfume and why? A: I absolutely love the bottle of this fragrance. It has an elegant and classic shape to it and would look beautiful on anyone's dressing table. I also love that the box it comes in is small and would look lovely wrapped up as a gift for someone special.

2. Q: How would you describe the smell? A: As the name would suggest it's definitely a floral scented fragrance but I really like that the rose isn't too strong. Its not overpowering and has lots of fresh undertones which makes it light and subtle.

3. Q: What's your top tip for long lasting fragrance? A: Definitely to spray your chosen scent onto your hairbrush so that whenever you brush through your hair you get a smell of it which is really long lasting. Another good way to make your fragrances last longer on your body is to apply the body lotion of that scent first and layer the perfume over the top. I find that by doing this I don't have to re-spray as much throughout the day.

4. Q: Would you recommend this to a friend and why? A: Yes I would definitely recommend Bloom Of Rose to others as I think it would appeal to many different age ranges because of the classic, elegant packaging and light floral scent. My best friend loves all floral scented fragrances and I know she would absolutely love this! It would definitely be the perfect gift for Valentine's day!

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Re: Mon Guerlain Bloom Of Rose Eau De Toilette

Beauty Crush

I have just come back from event and got this in my goody bag, They smell divine, love the frolar scents, but its a bit on a sweet side which is soooo me!