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Long time arriving

Nailing It

Hi does anyone else find that when they order stuff from Debenhams that it takes a long time arriving. Every time I order makeup it takes over seven days even up to two weeks to arrive, compared to other sites even the ones with free postage only take three to four days. I sent for urban decay setting spray over a week ago and got a message today to say it is delayed so annoying.


Re: Long time arriving

Perfectly Primed

@Melo249  That's so frustrating ,thankfully whenever I've ordered on line the delivery has been really quick  hopefully you won't have to wait much longer 

Re: Long time arriving


That is definitely too long I would say. I never had this problem, just that couple times Hermes couriers lost my packages before.😒

If they picked your package from warehouse so then  it’s up to delivery company I guess. But anyway it shouldn’t take that long.🤔

I imagine that it’s so frustrating for you.

Re: Long time arriving


@Melo249 sorry to hear you are having to wait a long time for your orders. They are normally quite quick for me, have you got a Debenhams close to you? I sometimes do click and collect and get a £5 voucher