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KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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Before I start my review I would first like to thank the Debenhams beauty community admins for picking me to review this product.❤️ @TazK @EllenL @DaisyCR @SarahS  THANK YOU LOADS ❤️


This is my first skin care product review and I’ve been excited to try it out, as many of you know I’ve actually  been looking for a good SPF50 for a while before I got selected to try this out.  For skin care I believe it needs to be tested over a week or two, which is exactly what I’ve done.



First thoughts: I like the packaging, it looks recyclable and I do like the shape, the size I received is a 30ml which I feel is too small, it might be enough for one person travelling somewhere on their own. For a couple of days. But it’s too small for a family, the 30ml is pride at £28. They also do a bigger size which is the 60ml at a cost of £38. It’s on the pricey side. And if you have a family it may be a bit expensive to keep replenishing.


1. What do you love about Kiehl's Daily Defence SPF and why?

I like that it’s non greasy, it’s not sticky like other SPF’s  I tend to get a metallic taste in my mouth from my current SPF50, this had non of that, it didn’t cause me any breakouts, and it worked just like a moisturiser. I tested this over two weeks and had no reaction, my skin felt soft I kept it on all day without any issues, I’ve even applied makeup on top and it’s not effected my makeup either. I love the golden tinge it has, other SPF are mostly white, so this colour I love it’s like a drop of nectar ?



2. What is your skin type?

I have dry skin, I mostly get dry patches near my eyes or cheeks, but after using this SPF50 I’ve not had dryness, it’s worked just like a moisturiser. 


3. How does this product differ to the ones you already use?

This SPF doesn’t feel heavy on my face, the best thing is it’s not sticky and greasy, it’s definitely light weight, it gives you a comfortable feeling, you can keep it on all day long, where as with my other SPF I need to wash it off after Im back home or back in my hotel room if traveling.


4. Would you recommend Kiehl's Daily Defence SPF to a friend, and why?

well I gave some to my mum to test and she loved it and also said it was nit sticky and greasy, then she called my brother who tested it too, he also loved the formula. We usually keep a large bottle of SPF near the door so anyone going out applies it. So my mum and brother were keen to test it along with me.  So I would definitely recommend this to everyone not just my family and friends.


please ignore my tired face I’m still recovering from London trip then getting right back to work 


this is me with the SPF applied, it’s not a greasy, but it gives you a glow, I always  have a shiny forehead so it’s not from the SPF.  (IM STILL VERY TIRED FROM THE LONDON TRIP lol) 



This is me with makeup applied  directly on top of the SPF50 please excuse my messy hair and bad eyeliner job I’m still working on my eyebrows ?



and here below is a picture of me on holiday with my regular SPF applied you can see how greasy I look and I couldn’t apply makeup on top of it either, i had to run of and take a shower each time i went out and returned to the hotel. So Kiehl’s SPF50 would make my holiday pictures look even better I hope fingers crossed.

IMG_9618 (1).JPG


I cant fault the product its really good, its worked for me without issues, I would pay full price if I was going away on my own. but it might get too pricey  if i was to go on holiday with my family or even for normal everyday use. the 30ml is too small as I like to lap some up over my neck arms and legs  or anywhere that's exposed to the sun. the 60ml is ideal but i wouldn't want to share it with my family hehehe, unless it was a little cheaper. overall a brilliant non greasy light weight product i would happy use.  



Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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@Areej  Great review as always and I like the fact that not only did you share with mum but got your brother to join yous too! 

Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

Nailing It

@Areej  thanks for this great review. Your skin looks lovely with just this on. It’s so important to get a decent spf product for your face. I was using a normal body product on my face and it was just awful- I ended up buying a Clarins product whilst I was away as I couldn’t take the stinging when the sunscreen got on my eyes. I know I should be wearing a decent product at home too and this one sounds great.

Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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@Areej  great review girl 

Gkad it suits your skin an familys lol

You need it in this weater😎


Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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Thank you for the awesome review, @Areej! 🖤

Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

Living the Highlight

@Areej  A very informative review ,like you say if it was just for yourself you could justify the price 

Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

High Brow

Lovely review and pictures ❤ @Areej 

Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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Excellent review!  😊  @Areej  The more I read about this the more I want to try it!  


Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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@Ashli Thank you very much ❤️ Honesty we keep a some next to the door so we all use it, I thought it would be good for everyone to try it.

Re: KIEHL’S ultra light UV defence SPF50 - REVIEW

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@Babymaker Thank you soo much ❤️❤️❤️ I was having issues with my normal SPF with it tasting metallic and just horrible horrible stuff. This stuff is really good, it’s not thick or sticky and doesn’t cause any harm too.