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# Clearins Rose Radiance Cream Review

Nailing It

Hi first of all a big thanks to Ellen and Debenhams Beauty Club to give me this opportunity to try and review this an amazing cream👍.



Here I go;

1: The packaging and vibrant rosey colour of the bottle was so eye catching.

2: When open it, wasn't expecting the beautiful colour and very refreshing rose smell, very close  to fresh roses that was just wow.

3: I loved to touch after looking at it and have to say it was very creamy, thick,  moisturizing, this is what I really like because of my super dry and dehydrated skin.

4: This creamy velvety texture makes it more hydrating and long lasting, also need to use very little of it, absorbs very well, skin friendly. I am using it for 8 days now everyone around me ask why I am looking more fresh and bright. My answer is # Clearins Rose Radiance cream very happy with it.

5: Recommend it to my sister as she has almost same skin issues. Thanks again😍😍.20190822_202244.jpg





Re: # Clearins Rose Radiance Cream Review

Getting Lippy

Hi @Monam good review thanks