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Missing emails about our freebies

Winging It

I seem to find posts on here about different samples that I knew nothing about so missing out again so frustrating!!! When I shop in Debenhams and enquire about a sample it can feel like I’m asking a stupid question as I’m met with a sales assistant  whom makes me feel like I’ve asked for their own personal makeup or products!  Or they don’t want to hand samples over is it just me that happens to? 


Re: Missing emails about our freebies

Getting Lippy

Are you talking about the Debenhams Beauty Club sample? You need to check the 'The Blog' section. Usually moderators will post about the free samples 1 - 2 days (Wed or Thurs) before they are available (which is usually Fridays)

Re: Missing emails about our freebies

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Fackrell1968 , if you're missing the beauty club sampling emails you need to make sure you've opted into them on your account otherwise you won't receive them! But when you're asking in store they should give you the sample providing them have they left in stock as I know they are given on a first come first served basis so you've got to make sure you're in there quick! Smiley Happy x

Re: Missing emails about our freebies

Chilling Out

I also have this issue with missing emails, in fact I've never had one despite being opted in. The links to the blog need to be improved looking at past posts, hard to find links, blog posts surrounding this awesome perk is causing huge frustration amongst members. If I were looking for info in the past I had to Google it 

Re: Missing emails about our freebies

Fresh Face

Same! I was in the Ayr Debenhams at the weekend and again today to buy make up... None of the assistants at the counters knew about the freebie and made me feel really awkward asking about it! 😟... 

Re: Missing emails about our freebies

Winging It

Happens to me too!! Started to feel shy and embarrassed to be honest lol