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Elemis Berry boost mask and massage chair

Beauty Crush

Yesterday ive attended beautifull event at oxford street. I have treated myself to the new Superfood berry boosting mask and wondering has anyone tried it. I only put it on my hand and i really could see tge difference on my skin. I was shoked! Also i have treated myself to massage chair. Im normaly a very ticklish person so a massage is a no no for me, especially my lover back. This chair was great, It was aplying just right amount of pressure and it alowed me to relax and not jump at all. So if you are ticklish like me but want to try massage this chair is just for you. Hope you have a lovely day x


Re: Elemis Berry boost mask and massage chair


Ohhh this mask needs to be tried! I love their lavender calming one. I'll have it in mind next time I need a clay mask! xx


Was it a regular massage chair? I find hydro chairs amazing.