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User Guidelines

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello beauty lovers, welcome to the Debenhams Beauty Club Community. Here you’ll find all the answers and inspo you need from friends just like you, from product recommendations and advice, to insider tips and live chats from our beauty editors. And, that’s not all… the more you share, the more you’ll be rewarded. Whether you’re a beauty beginner, enthusiast or expert, join the chat today.


New here? Here’s a few things you might want to try before you get started...


  • Customise your profile, make it your own
  • Start a conversation (don’t forget to tag a product!)
  • Share the love, give a like
  • Get familiar with the rules
  • Read a blog post for instant inspo
  • Give your two cents; reply with a comment


Here are the rules to play by…


1. Be respectful


R-E-S-P-E-C-T, this is what it means us. Keep a positive tone, comments constructive, empower your fellow Community members and speak as you would love to be spoken to. Remember, no question is a silly one and if you think an opinion is incorrect, address it with a kind and open mind. And the same goes for images and videos – we don’t want to see anything that’s for your eyes only.


2. Keep it relevant


Gardening question? We don’t know if that’s our Community’s forte. Think about where your conversation fits within the Community to get the best answers and help fellow members who are scratching their heads over the same thing.


3. Think before you type


Don’t publish anything that violates copyright, contractual agreements or non disclosure agreements. We don’t want you to get in trouble, so if you’re unsure, double check before hitting that ‘post’ button. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


4. Protect your privacy


As much as we love and trust our Community, always keep your own and other’s private information private. Your address, workplace and personal phone numbers are just a few things to keep on the down low. Don’t share anything about yourself that you wouldn’t want to see advertised on the side of a bus. If you ever feel pressured to share your personal information, be sure to report it to our moderators.


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5. Get tagging

If you’re mentioning a product, make sure you tag it! This makes it oh-so-simple for people to find your thoughtful recommendation. To tag, type a # followed by the brand or product name. Then select the correct product from the drop down list. Your new friends will thank you for it.


6. Report inappropriate content

If you see something that makes you think “Whoa, that is NOT within these User Guidelines!”, please let us know by selecting “Report Inappropriate Content” in the content Options menu. We want our Community to be free of anything unsuitable and we appreciate your help keeping it clean.

Debenhams reserve the right to use the content posted in the Community on other Debenhams channels.


If you’d like to read the full Terms of Use, you can find them here.