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Need some inspo?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Want to join the chat but not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions to get you going:


  • When the weather is hot, hot, hot, what tips do you have to make your make up last longer? 
  • I’ve just come back off my holidays, how do I prolong that summer glow? 
  • I find it quite tricky to nail the perfect winged eyeliner? Any tips or product recommendations? 
  • How often do you / should you mask? 
  • I find matte lipsticks quite drying but I love the finish. Any recommendations for a good one? 
  • What is your ultimate skincare routine without using too many products? 
  • What is everyone’s ‘can’t live without’ product of all time? 
  • What’s your latest beauty buy? Palettes, lipstick, mascara…? 
  • I need quick and easy tips on how to nail a smokey eye without getting panda eyes. Any suggestions? 
  • Would you swap your mascara and just get lash extensions? 
  • Bronzer? Highlighter? Or both? Which one do I choose and how do I apply? 
  • I’m in desperate need of a foundation that is lightweight, hydrating and gives great coverage for older skin – help?
  • What products do you use at night? 
  • Does anyone have any tips on how to get a dewy, radiant finish? Do you rely on skincare or make up to get the look? 
  • I’m looking for a fabulous volumising mascara, any recommendations? 
  • As we go into Autumn how do I look after my skin? 
  • I’m a busy working mum and need a quick 5 minute make up look….any tips? 
  • I love the natural, no make up look but how can I best do this when I have blemishes and dark circles? 
  • What eyeshadow palette is everyone using right now? Any new ones that I need in my life?