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What do you think? YSL Libre

Living the Highlight

So I recently visited the fragrance shop as I saw they had a stand for YSL Libre. I have to say it was definitely not what I was expecting and I was so surprised. 


I applied 1/2 sprays on myself so I could see how the scent would change throughout the day. At the start I found it to be quite a bit strong and it definitely smelt masculine, if I had to smell it without knowing what it is I’d definitely think it’s a scent for men. Regardless, I really liked the scent. Over a couple of hours the scent did soften down quite a bit and I definitely got notes of orange blossom 😍 




I feel this is something for those who like strong and bold scents, if you prefer light and sweet scents maybe give this one a miss


I haven’t read much reviews so I’d love to know what you all think of this fragrance! x 


Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

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@sfbeautyxo  hmmm sounds lovely🥰 I havent actually tried this fragrance yet  definitely will need to, the next time I'm in stores.  💡🖤


Re: What do you think? YSL Libre


I love it - it’s actually quite soft on me (smells like Loccitane almond shower oil on my skin). Although I do like stronger scents 


its the first perfume I have smelt the sample of and HAD to have immediatelySmiley Happy 

Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

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I received a sample and I am waiting for it to go on offer! That’s not going to happen soon as it’s a new fragrance but I really liked it Smiley Wink 


Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

Nailing It

I like this one a lot i think same it is strong but later smell goes lighter and more floral Smiley Happy

Re: What do you think? YSL Libre


@sfbeautyxo  well how you just sad it's not what i expect! It's not my type of fragrance and on my skin it's changes and smells not really nice, well i don't lile how it smells on me!

Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

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@sfbeautyxo  I like it , yes first instant it feels strong but settles quickly and smells amazing,  already on list , looking for offers ❤

Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

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@sfbeautyxo  I really like it think you’d have to be cautious not to over do it. 

The packaging though 😍  

looking forward to seeing the reviews when they are posted. 

Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

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@sfbeautyxo  I really like it , I got a sample on post and as soon as I smelled it just fell in love ❤  

@SophieG1  yeah same here waiting to see those reviews,  even though haven't seen anyone to claim that they been chosen 🤔

Re: What do you think? YSL Libre

Going Pro

@sfbeautyxo I love it even though it's totally different to the sweet floral fragrances I normally go for, I did find it strong until it settled but then thought it went more soft floral and quite calming probably due to the lavender. There are free gifts in a few places with it atm @Rabia the best I think on YSL website with 7.5ml miniature and a black pouch, but then I love mini perfumes 😍 couldn't screenshot so have copied details below. Hopefully Debenhams will have 15% off fragrance again soon too 

Receive your Libre Eau De Parfum with a luxury black YSL pouch when you spend £55*


Offer ends 30th September 2019 at 23:59pm. Receive a complimentary Libre Eau De Parfum 7.5ml with a luxury black pouch when you spend £55 at checkout. No code required. Subject to availability, whilst stocks last. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Exclusive to