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REVIEW: FlowerByKenzo 🌺 Poppy Bouquet

Living the Highlight

I received a little sample of this with one of my Debenhams order a while ago. It has a very unique sweet scent and I haven’t smelt another fragrance like this before. E0655F2F-CD04-4BFA-8631-9CA79B188EA9.jpeg




It’s a nice sweet floral scent but it isn’t too sweet or sickly at all. The notes of almond wood definitely come through, it’s like a sweet almond scent but you also get the notes of pear and wood too! Haven’t tried any scents by kenzo for a long time so this was really nice to try 😃

Description on the card reads:

The new Eau de Parfum Florale presents a generous bouquet of poppies.

Its floral explosion develops amongst an enveloping base note of almond wood.
Nashi Pear. Bulgarian Rose. Gardenia. Almond Wood 


Flower By Kenzo Eau Florale Eau De Parfum - Kenzo 


Re: REVIEW: FlowerByKenzo 🌺 Poppy Bouquet

High Brow

Thank you for taking the time to write this review @sfbeautyxo I've always been sticking to particular brands, i guess its time to try a wider range of perfumes ❤


Re: REVIEW: FlowerByKenzo 🌺 Poppy Bouquet

In the Spotlight

@sfbeautyxo  Reading your review it reminded me that Kenzo used to be one of my favourite  perfumes back in the day , always one to revisit 



Re: REVIEW: FlowerByKenzo 🌺 Poppy Bouquet

Beauty Icon

@sfbeautyxo thankyou for a lovely review. I used to love kenzo back in the days but will have to check it as the scent sounds intriguing