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Men's Perfume ideas?

Fresh Face

Hello there,


would you recommend Dior's Sauvage perfume? if no, what would you buy?perfume.jpg


Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

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Yes!! In fact I'm trying to decide between Sauvage Eau De Parfum - DIOR and Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum Spray 100Ml - CHANEL for my partner's Christmas present! They are both amazing, I think I prefer the Chanel a little bit more Heart. Another great one is Absolu Eau De Parfum - . - ARMANI.

Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

Winging It

Dior Sauvage is a gorgeous scent for men. It's smoky, dark, musky and manly! Me and my boyfriend love it! We've notices, however, that it can be a bit too strong and smoky at times, and become quite sickly if you spray too much. I'd say that Sauvage is definitely an acquired taste - or should I say smell!


Me and my boyfriend spend quite some time in department stores wandering around the fragrance section trying to find the loveliest, most alluring scents we can. And after a lot of sprays and a lot of smelling, we've come to the conclusion that these are our favourite fragrances for men:


Hugo Boss - Boss the Scent: Such a classic, lovely, warm yet fresh scent that turns my boyfriend into a magnet and me into a scrap of metal! I know my boyfriend will constantly re-purchase this signature scent, and if he doesn't I'll be sure to buy one for him! It's sexy, manly and just makes me want to smell him all day!!


Giorgio Armani - Stronger with You: This scent is quite unique and strong, but it's absolutely divine. There's also an accompanying scent for women: Because it's You, which is one of my absolute favourite perfumes. Stronger with You is dark and woody, with lovely warm notes that simply entice you. This is the scent that my boyfriend wears for special occasions, fancy dinners or big parties - and it comes with a lot of compliments! We both love it!


Yves Saint Laurent - 'Y': This is a fairly new fragrance on the scent, but it caught both our attentions immediately. The smell is lighter and fresher than the previous two, and would be perfect for the day time, but can also be worn for the night. It's strong, fresh and pretty hard to describe actually! It's just an overall lovely scent, and I've bought the gift set for my boyfriend for Christmas! We're both obsessed with this one, and I know the bottle will be empty very quickly!


Hope this helped! Smiley Happy



Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

Fresh Face

thanks for the replies! Smiley Happy will go check them out after work xD

Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

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Enjoy! Let us know what you like the most, I'm popping in store today as well a bit later to make my final decision. x


Re: Men's Perfume ideas?


I don’t know what Sauvage is like but I’ve heard good things. Personally I’m a fan of Cool Water for Men by Davidoff as well as Mexx Man.

Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

Going Pro

Hi @HK92, I've recently bought Sauvage Eau De Parfum - DIOR for my dad as a birthday present and I can guarantee you that it has the most amazing scent! I actually wish there was a female version.


I think if you are trying it for the first time you should go for an Eau du toilette not the Parfum because it's less strong (and that's what I was advised!) 


The representative on the Dior counter said that this is a no.1 worldwide seller! It's definitely a good buy! Smiley Happy 

Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

In the Spotlight

Mugler Alien Man is also quite nice scent too 

Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

Getting Lippy

I was thinking, to buy for my boyfriend this Dior aswell, but I did put on my hand, and was such a strong smell and I didn’t like it, and gave me a headache aswell. 

What i can recommend you:

 La Nuit De Lhomme Eau De Toilette - Yves Saint Laurent

Guilty Black Eau De Toilette Gift Set - GUCCI

Stronger With You Eau De Toilette - ARMANI


Re: Men's Perfume ideas?

Perfectly Primed

Haven't smelled Sauvage yet, but it looks interesting.

My friend used to use Allure Homme Sport by Chanel (doesn't want to get linked to the Debenhams page for some reason) and I liked it so much that I used the perfume to spray it around my home and some furnishings. 🤔🤣 Not sure what my obsession with that scent was all about as he wasn't my boyfriend or anything like that. All this years later and I still like it though.