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free sample - date and who

Fresh Face

Hi I never know when the free sample is but also for which counter - I do get emails from the beauty club but it never seems to state this and when I ask in store they always say they don't know which counter is try them all?


Re: free sample - date and who

High Brow


hi we generally get the beauty club member sample from the main beauty perfume corner in Coventry store... don’t have any idea about stores near you but in Birmingham n Coventry I got from perfume pay aree not the individual beauty counter.. samples are usually given the last weeend of the month .. I don’t know about October as I didn’t get any email or no body mentioned in this blog as well about October sample ... 

i hope you get samples soon... 👍🤞


Re: free sample - date and who

Nailing It

Hi Pams,


It’s like a lottery with the free samples. In London free samples are not easy to come. I find that every time I have done click and collect, I have received several different samples. It seems like when you purchase online there’s always a sample or another. 


The other thing I’ve noticed is the Debenhams Instagram page always lets you what’s happening or how to order samples of popular or new products

Re: free sample - date and who

Getting Lippy

@pams This month's sample is Filorga Time-friller absolute wrinkle correction cream. You can get it from Friday 2nd Nov. 


See this post for details.



Re: free sample - date and who

Getting Lippy

I am glad to know. x

Re: free sample - date and who

Getting Lippy

I never get the emails about the free samples. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Re: free sample - date and who

Getting Lippy

I'd love to get emails about the samples too. I had one for the kvd brow sample and the makeup forever liquid highlight. But none before and none after. 😕