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Breast Cancer Awareness Themed Products

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Hey lovelies,This month marks the beginning of the Breast Cancer Campaign for us at the Estée Lauder Companies. In a bid to raise awareness, the EL Companies are releasing special pink themed products... View more

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Does anyone have just bad face days? 😂

So I am trying to do photos for a New on You review and I have taken like 50 freaking photos and Iook either cross-eyed, lop-sided, miserable or just like I am missing a chromosome in general 😩 what ... View more

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Living the Highlight! Woo Hoo!

I'm now Living the Highlight, woo hoo! Feels like I having been Going Pro for so long. Little step closer to the top girls! Getting there! I did get rather excited when I saw the message... had hoped ... View more

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Living the Highlight

Birthday Treat


Thank You to #DebenhamsBeautyClub for the Birthday treat last month!! 😁 I had already planned to spend the day in Birmingham shopping and dinning and being able to book my nails at Blow Ltd worked ou... View more

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Todays birthday treats/samples

Snapchat-822406840.jpg Snapchat-731570724.jpg Snapchat-1425963018.jpg Snapchat-1821347508.jpg

Ok so I went shopping as it's my birthday and decided to buy some new perfume. Ended up buying Si after loving the sample I had. Whilst in Debenhams I managed to get the beauty club sample and the SA ... View more

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All Eyes on Me

I Didn't Realise I liked Rose so Much


Whilst looking for something I noticed that I had a lot of rose orientated products, I don't think it's intentional as I would normally opt for vanilla or ylang ylang! Anybody else notice a pattern to... View more

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