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Boots clearance


I got these bits on clearance yesterday. Kids bubbles for a £1 - thought they would do for half up half down days,Essie gel top coat for £2 Brush cleaner to use when changing shades for £5 (I think th... View more

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Lets Connect 💕

I already follow a few of you lovelies on Instagram but would love to connect with more of you too! My insta username is exactly the same - sfbeautyxo Feel free to follow my page for a follow back or ... View more

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Going to savour this moment 😍


I woke up this morning to discover I'm on the Makeup Guru list 😱💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻It probably won't last long but still! View more

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Can't pack light


This is so me 😂 a weekend away and I have 2 makeup /skincare bags and all the palettes separate 🙃 The struggle is real 😂 View more

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Funny video!! 😂😂

Just browsing YouTube, and this video popped up...and it's absolutely hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣 She has other similar videos up which are just as funny, but I think this one has to be my favourite! I'm lying ... View more

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Has anyone bought this months LiB box?

It all looked great but we’re halfway through the month and they haven’t released any of the good stuff!! Anyone get one? What did you get? I wanted to get the styles essentials box but it’s £46 and I... View more

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Feel Unique Samples & Amazon Prime

0FDA0D3E-08CA-436B-9573-50DF88E64451.jpeg 4988E69B-5D24-47F2-9A25-03F50612D4F4.jpeg

My Feel Unique Samples arrived today too, and they're pretty decent ones too! Thanks to @Ashli for posting about the Nars sample 😘 Its such a cute but generous sample, and @Pineapple was right, it is... View more

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Travel bags

So let’s say you are going away for a week and you need to pack all skincare and makeup that you use on a regular basis into one case along with your hairdryer, clothes and straighteners etc and you a... View more

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