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Your favourite handwash?

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Is there anyone who wants the same regular hand wash all the time?


as I have tried several but my favourite one is by boots!EF1EE6F6-82C7-4C13-A1A8-1F4B2708BBB9.jpeg



It’s really soft and creamy and lasts longer! 

I normally stock it but it’s been a month I am going to boots and it’s always out of stock!


then I checked online several times and it said stock coming soon!

but now it’s not even there Smiley Sad


any handwash similar to this one? For regular use ? 



And i I don’t want to use this precious bottle and keep it safe 😜😥

but for how long 😭


Re: Your favourite handwash?

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@Shafaqshehzad  I use the Carex once always my daughter chooses pink and son blue so it's always the same 

Re: Your favourite handwash?

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I like the Carex strawberry laces one 😍 it smells amazing @Shafaqshehzad