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Re: Worst beauty club ever



I am new here also what I do is go into debenhams with my beauty card and ask for samples Smiley Happy I have recieved a few that way.

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Re: Worst beauty club ever

Beauty Icon

Hey guys sorry to hear you think the community is rubbish, 

it’s a wonderful community to learn about new products and talk with like minded beauty addicts. 

There is still opportunities to test currently with the Estée Lauder & YSL plus the amazing opportunity to win a trip to Paris. 

The tester are selected by a random selection so it doesn’t favour anyone. I’ve been here from the beginning and only test 3 products others have been here a month and tested the same amount. 

So please don’t get discouraged your time to test will eventually come for the mean time talk to us about your favourite products or your favourite stores.  

In terms of the samples they are first come first served usually the end of every month, just take your beauty card in store and present it at the either the counter offering the sample or the fragrance counter. 

Hope this helps. 

Re: Worst beauty club ever

Total Glossip

If you don't like it then really is that simple. If you have constructive criticism than share in a polite manner but no need to be so rude just because you haven't been beholden with gifts! 

Re: Worst beauty club ever

Beauty Crush

I completely disagree this is a great community with relevant info maybe your not looking in the correct place

Re: Worst beauty club ever

Beauty Crush

Why are all these new people complaining!! No doubt they got the link through the freebie site!! They aren’t here for getting community just the freebies!! X

Re: Worst beauty club ever

In the Spotlight

I absolutely adore this place. Its definitely not about getting testers/samples/ products it's just a place to share all things beauty.

There's the New on You testing scheme and the competitions but you have to interact to be in with a chance. There's also the free monthly samples you can pick up from your Local Debenhams. So definitely not rubbish!

The thing that makes this page is all the fantastic, positive people on here 💛

Re: Worst beauty club ever

Nailing It

I've only just joined and have already got some cool tips and tricks and good recommendations and seen some rocking makeup looks from some really nice seeming people. What's not to like?! The only negative I can see is the effect it might have on my bank balance when I have to buy all the cool things I've found out about 🤣🤣🤣