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Vip Event Tickets

Just Arrived



The VIP event on the 6th December seems to be a very well kept secret! What I was wondering was if we need to prepurchase tickets or if they can be bought at the event?


Re: Vip Event Tickets

Winging It

In Silverburn Glasgow it starts at 4 pm and some counters may still have a ticket. Its a great night with masterclasses a chance to see the Big Gifts, Lancome with Mailk was the best Masterclass and counter I ever saw. Have a great shopping day and enjoy the freebies gift you get. 

Re: Vip Event Tickets

All Eyes on Me


Last year I went to Debenhams without a plan and I didn’t know there was a vip event but I got a ticket from Estée Lauder counter luckily and it made my day... 😍

Re: Vip Event Tickets




There's a whole thread of conversation on this page 


Have a look! 


Re: Vip Event Tickets

Getting Lippy

Tickets have been on sale for about a month - you might still be able to get one. VIP evening is always a great night with discounts and exclusive gifts, free mini facials/make overs, hand/arm massages, master classes, fashion shows, goodie bags. My Debenhams is raising money for Look Good Feel Better and always has fantastic raffle prizes on the night. If you can, get yourself to your nearest Debenhams Beauty Hall, get some Christmas shopping sorted and have a great time!

Re: Vip Event Tickets

Winging It

Fantastic News for any without a ticket there are some available in Silverburn!!!

It looks fantastic, where will you be 

Clarins Chanel Dior and Yves Saint Laurent but I also love Armani and Estee Lauder and Santa was asked for Aqua de Parma. I want to be everywhere and try to watch the masterclasses at each counter explore and have fun xx