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Re: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded!

Winging It

I've received my #UrbanDecayNakedReloaded palette and can't wait to try it and show off the results, loving the colours <3

Jackie x
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Re: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded!

Beauty Icon

@jackieelty  Congratulations 💕 can’t wait to see your looks x

Re: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded!

Nailing It

Loving the colours of this palette although a little in two minds if the peachy tones would suit my skin....

Re: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded!

Winging It

Okay so I was one of the much appreciated, people who got sent this palette. I did leave a bit of time before posting my review as I wanted to be as honest as possible!! 


Firstly these don’t compare to the previous ones. I genuinely love the fact that this forumula is different, don’t get me wrong they are still beautiful and buttery but these have much more of a lighter feel. This means I have been able to wear this on the go ! Defo one of  The palettes that you can use as everyday kind of thing. Don’t need to use any fancy brush my normal morphe brush is fantastic. I really like that the colours are so neutral and they are defo buildable!!

Re: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded!


@SophieG1  I like it, but I don’t love it. I also like glitter ✨, but a bit of colour would be good, after all, it’s summer 🤩☀️🥰

However, UD has different palettes that suits different opinions. I’m happy you have found your number 1 🥇