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Reviewing products.


I was very lucky and got picked to test the Bobbi Brown makeup cleanser to review 😃😃😃.


I thought I would have to answer 5 questions but nothing came with the product. Do we get them emailed after we receive them? Or are we supposed to let admin know once it’s arrived. I want to do the review but don’t want to do it wrong lol




Re: Reviewing products.

Going Pro

You usually get the questions a few days after your told your won so maybe message admin @makeup-addict  xx


Re: Reviewing products.

Living the Highlight

@makeup-addict  Congratulations! 

I thought we can review it just like that and so i did


let me know if you get the five questions!

i didn’t get any questions but I loved this product so much that I just reviewed  it on the same day 🙈

Re: Reviewing products.

In the Spotlight

@makeup-addict Sometimes there aren't any questions, I had one where I just wrote a general review 🖤

Re: Reviewing products.

Beauty Icon

@makeup-addict  yep if u feel you can review it an reasy go ahead truthfuly 

I mean manily it be how did you like the product and if so how would you compare it to what u currently use.

Would you recommed this product.

What did you love about it

Things like that how it made your skin feel


Sorry admin if im giving the questions out😅😂


Re: Reviewing products.

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Congratulations @makeup-addict , well done. I hope you liked the product.

Maybe admin have forgotten about the questions @Boss786  has the right idea from what I remember, I have only done one New on You and that was when I first joined, so my memory isn't that good at the best of times!

Re: Reviewing products.

All Eyes on Me

Congratulations on being selected @makeup-addict I was as well, reviewing next week when I'll have more time, just checked PM and no questions either but have copied questions below from Clarins rose radiance review, you could maybe tweak them for cleanser 😁 looking forward to your review.


  1. What do you love about the moisturiser and why?
  2. Please describe the texture, smell and how it feels on your skin.
  3. Have you noticed a difference in your skin since using it?
  4. Would you recommend the moisturiser to a friend, and why?
  5. Please include a photo of your new moisturiser in your review!

Re: Reviewing products.


@makeup-addict  congratulations on being selected🖤 always good to see regulars being selected 🙌🤩 normally the question come with the product? Mmm 🧐

Re: Reviewing products.

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Congratulations on being chosen lovely. Hope you love it. I have only been chosen 1 in the year I have been here can't remember having questions tbh😊

Re: Reviewing products.


I missed your review @Shafaqshehzad  hope I can find it.

I think I’ll copy the questions that @Annmac suggested from the Clarins review.