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New On You Send Outs

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone,


I wanted to give you all an update on the New On You product send out as there has been a slight delay in getting them out to you. We are working through our inboxes now to get the remaining New On You products out to you as soon as possible! 😊 


Thank you for being so patient and please contact myself or @EllenL if there are any issues with the product or if you haven't received your product within 2 weeks (please do not contact the customer service team). 



Taryn x





Re: New On You Send Outs

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@congratulations to all lucky members who have been selected 😍😊 can’t wait to see pix and read reviews 😍❤️❤️

Re: New On You Send Outs

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@TazK  I think it would help for the newer members to have it in the welcome section about waiting times and who to contact as the posts get lost easily. I tried to help out the other day to show people how to reply to messages because I noticed posts of people contacting head office and etc. 

Re: New On You Send Outs

Getting Lippy

@TazK  thanks for being a superstar ⭐️ and chasing up my new on you dior perfumes . I  can’t believe I received them the very next day! Really enjoyed reviewing the perfumes. So glad I found this lovely beauty group 😘