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Getting Lippy

Hi Community!!


so I have been wearing lash extensions for years and feel it’s time for a break....can anyone recommend any lash growth products as I think my natural lashes are going to be a bit stumpy ☹️


Re: Lashes

Winging It

RevitaLash! Expensive but good results in weeks and lashes don't fall out as often now!


Re: Lashes

Community Manager
Community Manager

Cils Booster from Lancome helps to improve your lashes, you can sleep in it at night as a lash treatment 

Re: Lashes

Winging It

Definitely agree! I've had lash extensions for 3+ years back-to-back and thought I should give them a break when I realised just how damaged they were. Revitalash is expensive but worth it. Takes a while to see the results but my friends and I now swear by it! 

Re: Lashes

Total Glossip

will it ruin your lashes once they get taken off, Im a bit scared of getting lash extensions. x

Re: Lashes

Nailing It

Supposedly castor oil works.

I don't know if there is any science to back it up, but plenty of anecdotal evidence though.

If it works for eyelashes, it should work for head hair, no?


1. After washing your face and removing your makeup, gently rub a little of the serum on your lash line (with the roller ball).

2. Rub it at least two times or until you see enough of the serum on your lash line.

3. Make sure that the tips of your eyelashes are coated well with the solution.

4. Blot off excess serum with clean, dry cloth or tissue.

5. Repeat this every night, preferably before going to bed.

Re: Lashes

Total Glossip

Rivitalash has been amazing 😉 - I’ve heard an old wives tale about castor oil doing good as well xXx