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Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

Nailing It



Hi everyone 

I’m sorry I have been MIA again. I was spending the last few weeks with my boyfriend before he got shipped off on tour with the army on Friday. That was a very hard day, saying goodbye to him for 6 months.  

He is out for the winter in a cold place!  

If you have any suggestions of things you think are good for cold weather I’d love to hear about them!

There are a lot of lads out there that have no one to send them anything so I am going to try put some parcels together for him to hand out as well.  

You now have to have a name to be able to send parcels out, if you send unnamed they won’t get given out now. So I am hoping to bombard him with parcels to share with others, especially since they are there over Christmas and it is a fairly new tour so they don’t have access to much and the stuff they can get is stupidly massively overpriced! 

So please any suggestions from you lovely people would be very much appreciated!☺️. 

What products do your boyfriends/husbands/brothers etc love? 

I am going to try writing to some companies to see if I can get anything donated, but so far no luck.  

Any kind of price is good, but lower prices are better as I am already skint haha.  

Thank you.  

I hope you are all doing well xx


Re: Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

Getting Lippy

I just want to say what kind and thoughtful thing to do its a amazing. Can’t begin to imagine how hard and different it will be to be away from your loved ones at Christmas or anytime for that matter. Sorry don’t really have any suggestions but just wanted to put what a lovely idea it was

Re: Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

Going Pro

This is such a lovely post and such  a lovely gesture. 

Some aftershave balms/moisturisers would be great for cold weather.

Baylis and Harding do some great Christmas sets, very  reasonably priced, good quality and often have travel sized bottles so for sending would be ideal, they smell great too!

Maybe you could organise an event to raise some funds and ask local companies for donations, you could try something similar to the Christmas shoebox donation?   

Maybe if there are new aftershaves launching for Christmas your local beauty/fragrance counters might give you lots of lovely samples to send?

Good luck and I'm sure you will get a great response xx



Re: Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

Nailing It



awww this is so sweet. I hope he returns well and healthy after his tour.


I’ve always wonder about this because mine always steals my product. I’ve been curating a list after trial and trickery. All of these come in a range of sizes which will be helpful if he needs to travel light or needs something for the long term.

Clinique moisture surge

jack black lip balm

l’occitane soap bar

l’occitane shea hand lotion

Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash 230Ml - Kiehls

Made For All Gentle Body Wash 500Ml - Kiehls

Re: Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

Fresh Face

Try the counters in the shops,  for samples I’m sure once you explain they might be generous.. tell them they could be potential customers (which is true) good luck 🤞🏻

Re: Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

Nailing It

I’ve tried and not been successful, apart from dior and Chanel gave me some aftershave samples (that’s because I know the people there as I shop there so much🙈😂). But thank you! 

I’m  not going to lie it is tough! But he is doing ok.  I’m just trying to keep the parcels going for moral!  

Thank you everyone! It means so much!☺️💋💋

Re: Helloooo, all suggestions appreciated ☺️😘

In the Spotlight

@carla What a heart warming thoughtful thing to do - We ladies spend too much on focusing on ourselves that we forget that the lads also needs to take care of their health aswell especially at this time of year and we take them for granted. Perhaps you could organise a small Event at your local community centre explaining what you intend to do and get everything involved by donating their unwanted items? Or believe it or not but local charity shops also have great stuff too and don't have to break the bank balance - its the intention from the heart that counts x