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Re: Face cloths?!

Total Glossip

I use the Makeup Eraser - Makeup Eraser

It is so easy to use and so much kinder on the skin!

Re: Face cloths?!

Just Arrived

I use Okay daily facials 5-in-1 they are so easy, I have them in my gym bag, when i travel and use them at home. Super easy and my blackheads have seriiusly reduced since using them!

Re: Face cloths?!

Beauty Icon

I usee to use wipes few years back then I started to realize that made my skin become even more sensitive than usual, I would come out in redness and I felt because of it my skin would dry out too and sticky so then I switched to Magic Makeup Remover Cloth and it works amazingly


Re: Face cloths?!

Nailing It

Ling the bamboo flannel sounds interesting, I’ve got socks with bamboo in the and they are the comfiest I’m going to look into them x