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Birthday Treats

Total Glossip

Just wondering It’s Debenham Birthday treat still a thing? 


My bday was a week ago but I didn’t received any email about it ? 

Also I used to have the free brow wax from benefit but I been told they no longer doing it.


Re: Birthday Treats

High Brow

@Cy_yie i think I've seen someone lost about it eaely this month they haven't recieved an email either.. 

But I would still ask customer services or in store..

And i hope you have a year full of success and happiness x


Re: Birthday Treats

Beauty Icon

@Cy_yie  the Elizabeth Arden Facial Blast is still available and the Benefit has been replaced with Blow Ltd File & Paint instead. Also you don't actually need the email for it. You can use this 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your birthday x