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Beauty club emails

Total Glossip

My marketing preferences are set up to receive emails however I don’t seem to be receiving any of the beauty club emails and I have never received an email about the monthly sample does anyone know why this might be? 


Re: Beauty club emails

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Redlipclassic , if you email they should be able to help you out!  😊 x

Re: Beauty club emails

Perfectly Primed

Hi @Redlipclassic  I haven't had a email from debenhams regarding the beauty club for about a year! I know I am marked as saying ''yes'' to all marketing but they just stopped. The blog on here is the best place to get the latest stuff or ask other members. 

Ps. I don't even get emails from debenhams when I buy things online, which is several times a month!!!! Smiley Very Happy

I gave up with customer services years ago as know one knew what to do and I kept getting passed around! x