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About samples

Fresh Face

Whenever I want to get a sample via vouchers, the staff behaves as if I were a beggar. I feel really desperate. I cannot buy a product as I'm allergic to lots of products, even foods. What should I do?


Re: About samples

Getting Lippy

Any beauty house if they have sample, should want you to try a sample so you can go back to them.

Re: About samples

Winging It

I just ignore them when they're like that.   Try not to let them get to you, samples are there for a reason, to try before you buy something.

Re: About samples

Winging It

very true some i feel quite offish but if you suffer with sensitive skin you cannot risk not having a trial 

also i get rosesia at times more would get sold if samples were giving more happily and freely i hget told on numourous times no samples