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Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


I have another question I just thought of.

One part of the community I loved was looking through the pictures of the monthly challenges to see everyone’s favorites but as a new poster I only participated in one before it seemed to stop/ take a break. 

Will the monthly challenges start up again in he future ? Smiley Happy 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Perfectly Primed

I’ve started a new skincare routine:

1 dermalogica pre cleanse 

2 Micellar water to remove any makeup I missed 

3 the ordinary hydrochloric acid 


However, I’ve noticed my skin is going dry and I haven’t ever struggled with dry skin before. Any tips would be appreciated please! 💕



Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Getting Lippy

Hi happy 1st birthday unfortunately I can’t participate in the party because I live in out of London. My question is what is the best cream for skin whitening for dark normal skin tone?

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Icon

Hey girls! Heart First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the amazing community you have built and ran for the past year, I hope we're all still here and better than ever in another 100 years Woman LOLHeart. Your work is greatly appreciated HeartHeartHeart! I've learned so much and found so many amazing products thanks to you all and my lovely fellow beauty club members, I love the community and it's my main go-to place for everything beauty!! Heart


Now the questions! (There have been so many cool questions already!)


Heart CharlotteHeartWhat is your favourite recent release and what is the fragrance you'll always keep repurchasing? Smiley Happy


Heart@DaisyCRHeart - What highlighter would you use if you wanted a dewy look but no sparkles, it seems like almost all highlighters I try have sparkles and I prefer more of a dewy one for everyday wear? Also which part of your skincare routine helps the most with your glow? Smiley Happy


Heart@TazKHeart - So many questions, I can be here a while, but I'll stick to two. What are your best tips for doing eyeliner on somebody else? I know you like the YSL rouge slim lipsticks, what are other matte formulas you love (and shades)? Smiley Happy


Heart@EllenLHeart - I need to know your all time favourite eye products! Liner, mascara, eyeshadows, primer, all of it! And a bonus, if you could only use 1 brush for everything eyes which one would it be? Smiley Happy


Heart SophieHeart - What is the one foundation you find easiest/quickest to use? And what is one you find best to use your fingertips for applying? Smiley Happy


Love you all! xx


Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Getting Lippy

I have dark circles under my eyes what would you advise to reduce the circle appearance ?.Thank you.

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Nailing It

Hi thanks ladies for this !!!

My first question for charlotte would be 

what’s the best zesty fresh fragrance about at the moment please.

My second question for @DaisyCR would be what is the best balmy type cleanser around atm please

My third question for Taryn is how to deal with hooded mature eyes as mine smudge everything I put on the lids 🤣

My fourth question to @EllenL @is what is the best eye primer out there and what is your fav waterproof eye liner 

My final question is for Sophie what is your favourite light foundation for mature skin 

thanks x

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

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Happy 1st Birthday Debenhams Beauty Team!!!🎂

I can hardly believe it has been a year already!

I have learned so much on here from the blog, reviews and community members throughout the year. Thank you for this amazing community that I love being part of where we can talk beauty!! Long may it continue!!


My question is YSL Libre is the fragrance of freedom. It represents the contemporary woman, strong authentic and free.

Which perfume would you choose to represent you and why?




Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team



forced my boss to give me this break time instead of 1.30 lol so i can join you now 🤩🤩🤩

I don't want to miss out on the fun and Im hoping my question might get answered 🤣🤣🤣😄😄 xxx

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


First happy to be celebrating the communitys 1st Birthday! Ive been part of it since the beginning and I love it so much so thank you for creating such a wonderful community!


I would like to know.....what is your top-tip to stop concealer creasing under the eyes!?? I have tried so many different things but it always seems to look cakey and creased under there, hopefully you can give me some advice!

Hannah Jo

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


Awe 😫😫😫😫😫😫 I change my break to be here for Q&A omg...... my battery is dieing 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 cannot believe it 😱😱😱 I could scream!!  Lol