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Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Going Pro

Happy 1st birthday and thank you for everything that you do for us! 💜🥳


My question is for anyone to answer 😊 do you have that one fragrance that makes you feel confident whenever you wear it?

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Getting Lippy

Happy 1st Birthday 🎉 to the community thank you for all your hardwork and amazing posts❤️


I would like to know with winter coming up what would be the best skincare routine/products to help dry skin stay hydrated and also to keep skin glowing? 


And also which perfumes would you recommend to use in Autumn/Winter? 


Excited for tomorrow’s Q&A 😍


Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Going Pro

Another question for you all 😁 if you could create your own eyeshadow palette, would you make it neutral, colourful, or a mix of both? And what would you name your palette? 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Icon

OMG I have  got loads of questions to ask ❤️


My questions are :


TO @EllenL from the last two months I’ve been suffering from a problem with my right eyelid, specifically a blocked duct which is much much better now, I feel it might have happened  from rubbing my eyes too much due to hay fever, I usually apply eye pencil on my upper waterline, I’m not  sure how safe it is to apply it there I saw it on YouTube. Is this a normal thing ?  Currently I’m avoiding it till I’m better. But In the future would it be safe to carrying on doing so?

also can you please suggest me your most favourite liquid eyeliner?


To @TazK Im still struggling with eyeshadow blending, I still tend to use my fingers to apply shadow, please can you suggest an easy technique for blending colours together?, I’m only brave enough to apply single shadow colours, I’ve watched loads of YouTube videos, I still feel my blending is too messy.

also please let me know which is your most favourite eyeshadow palette?


To @DaisyCR since joining this community I’ve really started taking care of my skin, which I never did prior. I’ve found my perfect toner, but still searching for the perfect moisturiser. can you suggest me your favourite moisturiser? My skin is kind of dry so I’m looking for something hydrating. With so many brands and choices, it’s hard to pick one and stick to it.


TO Charlotte - Im looking for a perfume to gift to my sister, me and her never got along as kids and even in our teens, we just recently hit it off and have become kind of close, and I would love to gift her something special, please suggest me a perfume I can give to my sister, that will make her happy and most of all remind her of me when she uses it 🙂 


TO Sophie - I currently use Urban decay primers as that was the first brand I went to when I started to wear makeup so I kind of feel loyal to that brand 🙈, can you suggest me another primer from another brand that will help me break away from the habit  of using everything from one brand.





Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Icon

You are looking stunningly beautiful ladies. 

Unfortunately I am unable to tune in at the time, but I shall be with you in spirit @EllenL @TazK .

Have a wonderful Q & A session. 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


Hi lovely beauty team 🥰🥰

Love the Debenhams Community all the hints & tips on what to buy & wot not to buy lol


My question would be....

What  would be the teams only  Desert Island  beauty product?? 🤔🤔🤔 



No not food or sweets lol a single beauty product?? 🍫🍬🍭🍩🍪


 Mines would have to be tweezers lol 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Getting Lippy


My question is what is the best new perfume release that is original, groundbreaking and stands out from all the rest?



Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Icon

You all look amazing ladies!!  🔥 


My question is for @DaisyCR  , what is the one thing you'd recommend to do to ensure glowing skin and also what is your number one product to use to get glowing and healthy looking skin?  Thank you!  ☺️ 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Nailing It
What skincare products would you recommend for those with oily skin? And tips on how to combat this? Hope you all had a great time celebrating!😊
Author of It's All Within You & Trust Your Soul

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Nailing It

Birthday Celebrations!

Thanks for the chance to post a question for tomorrow. 

As a Diamond Girl, yes I’m 60, I now find after my full cleansing, serum routine and applying foundation etc, my skin lacks glow and as the day goes on, tends to look dry and tired.

Help please, what do you suggest I try?