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Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Getting Lippy

Hi! I’m having a hard time keeping my t-zone shine free. I’ve tried: matte primers, setting powders and setting sprays but without a fail, shine always wins. How can I keep my face shine free? Thank you in advance for any advice. X

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


Oooohhh go on then 😃


What's your go to perfume? Do you have a different fragrance for day and night?


What product would you not live without?


How do you create the perfect winged look? Yes I am rubbish at eyeliner.


What colour eyeshadows are the top for each eye colour to make them pop? 


Which is the best mosituriser for combination skin? Tends to be more dry on t zone


I've tried various primers but not really found one as of yet I love. Which primer is the one you sing massive praise to??


Think I'm all asked out for the moment lol


Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Getting Lippy

Hi Lovelies (:


Can I just say how stunning you all look! I love all the dresses ❤️


For Sophie what’s the one beauty product you cannot live without?! 


For Ellen what’s your favourite mascara and why?!


For Taryn what’s your favourite look to recreate?? 


For Daisy name your favourite highlighter that will make you look like a disco ball ✨ 


For Charlotte if you could bring back a discontinued fragrance what would it be and why?  


Good luck everyone! I hope tomorrow goes well ❤️ Xx 


Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


Happy 1st Birthday Debenhams Beauty Community! ❤️ 

I’ve loved being part of this community as it gives so many great opportunities, competitions and lovely friendly members to talk to! 


First of all, you all look absolutely stunning! Hope you enjoyed the event. 


@DaisyCR  - What kind of product would you recommend to reduce redness on cheeks? I have combination skin and my red cheeks seem to appear even through full coverage foundation! 


Thank you! Xx 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Icon


ok my 1st question

how did debenhams community blog form like where did the idea arise from?

And heres one for each of you😉


Charlotte what is your fav perfume?

Dasiy what is your most fav skincare brand?

Ellen your most prized eyeshadow pallete?

Taz do you do free lance makeup ?

Shopie how would you stop your foundatiin from creasing especialy under your eyes?



So there you go all of you have a question from your skinguru 😍😘😘

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Nailing It

Ladies i have hyper pigmentation around my lips, ny skin has turned a little grey which gives a very dull look, i also have dark circled and open pores, i keep up with my daily routine of cleanse, retinol capsules, and moisturise and scrub twice a week , is there anything you would recommend please? Thing i struggle with the most is when i put my foundation on even aftrt using concealer you can see the darkness around my lips which makes me very concious , I am currently looking at changing my scrub anything that you would recommend please? Its too difficult as i could keep on going heheh, but i think im all done for now Smiley Happy 

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team



What makeup tips would you all give who’s going for a new job interview. (Girl wants to look presentable but not too overdone, glowing but not sweaty.)

And what perfume would you recommend wearing for this occasion?




Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team


I have tomorrow off so would love to follow the live Q and A.

My main question is : Travel make up has been really popular recently and Debenhams has a great range of travel sized make up and skin care if you were going away with only a cabin case what would be in your 10x10 clear airport bag Smiley Happy 


If you have time for more questions after everyone else’s get answered I would also like to know ....

what advice would you give to applying eyeshadow on slightly wrinkly eyelids.


Would Debenhams ever to a monthly subscription box ? 


If a make up genie popped out of your make up bag and said you could have as much make up / fragrance from a brand as your heart desires for free for life BUT you would never be able to use another brand again which brand would you choose ? 


Thanks for creating a lovely space for us make up addicts Smiley Happy 


Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Crush

My question is how to create a dewy finish with foundation .

iO don’t like too much highlighter on a foundation so it would be helpful if You can tell us a trickSmiley Happy

Re: 1st Birthday LIVE Q&A: Debenhams Beauty Team

Beauty Crush

What a beautiful picture!! 

What is everyone’s favourite fragrance ? 


Also let’s pretend ALL beauty company’s are closing there factories you have the chance to stock up on one product that you can use the rest of your life, and only that product! What would it be?!