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Beauty Crush

If the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation has been on your wishlist for what feels like forever, we're about to give you the perfect excuse to finally purchase the fabulous foundation. From the 24th September 2018 in all Debenhams stores with a Kat Von D counter, we are giving away a FREE Lock It Liquid Foundation sample. See the terms and conditions below. We know, it's pretty exciting.


If you are someone that hasn't got the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation on their radar, let us let you know why it's got a special place in our hearts - and makeup bags. Whether you have dry or oily skin, the Lock It Foundation is the perfect texture to sit comfortably on your complexion and give you a porcelain finish and really and truly, will not budge.  If the Lock It Foundation wasn't impressive enough on its own, the Lock It Primer makes it magical. You simply need a small amount across bare skin to create a silky, long-wearing base for your foundation.


Untitled design (24).png



The Lock It Foundation provides an incredibly flexible coverage, meaning you can create whatever finish you please without having to change foundation. Two pea-sized drops of Lock It will give your entire complexion a high coverage, flawless finish - a little really does go a long way! If you want a medium to full coverage, just one drop will do the trick. And for a  more sheer finish to your Lock It Foundation, the Lock It Primer is the handiest tool to manipulate your coverage.  Mix a drop of the primer to your foundation, and the more primer you mix it with your foundation, the more sheer and dewy the finish will become. 


 SHOP NOW: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation and Primer


The complete list of Kat Von D Debenhams counters

  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Brighton
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Cork (Patrick Street)
  • Dublin (Henry Street)
  • Dundee
  • Glasgow
  • Lakeside
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • London (Oxford Street)
  • Manchester
  • Meadowhall
  • Merry Hill
  • Metro Centre
  • Newcastle
  • Reading
  • Silverburn
  • Swansea
  • Trafford Centre
  • Stevenage
  • Uxbridge
  • Watford (opening 27th September)
  • Wolverhampton
  • Westfield White City
  • White Rose, Leeds 

Lock It Foundation Sampling Terms & Conditions

  • One sample per customer, while stocks last.
  • Samples are of the Lock-It Liquid Foundation only, while stocks last.
  • Samples available at Debenhams Kat Von D Beauty counters only.
  • All customers must screen shot the KVD Foundation banner & take to store to receive their FREE sample.


Total Glossip

Ooo I keep looking at this and would like to try it out, I will have to see if my store has any samples left Heart

Beauty Crush

@Rachie It is a really nice foundation! I hope they do Smiley Happy

Nailing It

Hi there is this the correct date? It says 21st September to claim the foundation but that was last week. Is it for the 28th September? 

Just wanted a clarification. 

Thank you. 

Nailing It

Hi, is this offer on till Friday? I didn’t know about it, was wondering as I can go tomorrow morning.

thank you 

Beauty Crush

Hi @Dawny thanks for checking this! I can confirm this started on Monday and will continue while stocks last Smiley Happy

Fresh Face

Hi. Is there a Kat Von D counter in Chester? As I don’t drive x

Fresh Face

 Sorry, but screen ****bleep**** baner?   Help! 

Fresh Face

What banner do I screen ****bleep**** plz 

Beauty Crush

Oooh I am looking for a new foundation as my skin is dry and my current foundation just doesn't sit well on my skin so I would be interested to see how this does. 

Winging It

Hi, what do I need to screenshot? As there is a new Kat Von D counter in Leicester now so I wanted to get the sample tomorrow?

Beauty Crush

Hi @19_chanelson_92 unfortunately there is not! Please double check the list in the article for your closest one. 

Beauty Crush

Hi @Monik03 it is the image in the article. This one:


Beauty Crush

Hi @shivani97 you need to screenshot the image in the article! This one here: 


Fresh Face
how do i get one
Fresh Face



O will love to try this amazing product !!! 

Winging It

I'm can't wait to try this fab foundation, great to sample as I have a ****bleep**** use.

Just Arrived

Went to the Stevenage store yesterday who knew nothing about it!  However, amazing team on Kat desk!!!!  ****bleep**** team you rock !

Nailing It

I went and collected mine from my wolverhampton branch, they are such friendly staff. 


Got my sample from Debenhams Wolverhampton today, the lovely lady who helped me gave me some great advice for my skin type too, which was great! 🙂

Winging It

im hoping Newcastle still has some!


Sadly my store isn't on the list 😭

Would have love to try it 😫

Hopefully you'll offer it in the non participant stores in a near future 😏

Getting Lippy

Went to my local store to be told by the lady sorry I’m busy come back in an hour and I’ll have a look. 

Coukdnt go back as I was busy. 

She was very rude as well. 

Winging It

Got a shade match and a sample yesterday which I used today. As someone who has redish skin and struggles to cover it with highly recognized brands (and foundations) this foundation made a trick! The coverage is as good as Estee Lauder double wear, however, I personally think it looks more natural and is not as heavy for my skin. It is really amazing and if by the end of the day it will look as great I will definitely get full sized product soon! Thank you for opportunity to try something new which more than likely going to be my everyday essential from now on. #grateful #foundation #KatVonD #beauty #freesample

Total Glossip

I also went to Stevenage and asked, I assume she knew nothing about it as she looked at my blankly and said I can colour match you and you can take a sample which is pretty standard if you want to try out a new foundation. The lady also gave me a sample of the primer too which was a lovely surprise. 

The foundation went on really well using a beauty blender and covered my blemishes straight away, which were particularly red that day. I am going to give it another go and keep eye on it throughout the day to see how long it last without having to touch up. This could be my new daily foundation Heart

Nailing It

I went to my wolverhampton branch and to my surprise they did t have the free beauty sample. I’ve been 3 times and the manager is not happy that they haven’t come. 

Fresh Face
#kat von d foundation... Why is it that Norwich Debenhams never has any of these promotions going.
First Base

Is this still available?

First Base

Winging it