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New on You: Tiffany & Love


The latest fragrances from Tiffany & Co. have arrived! Tiffany & Love for Him and Tiffany & Love for Her were created as a tribute to modern love, inspired by the connections that create a bond between two people. To celebrate the launch, we're giving away 25 complimentary bottles of each fragrance for Community members to test & review!




Tiffany & Love for Her

A floral, woody scent.

  • Top notes: Blue basil, Blackcurrant, Grapefruit
  • Heart notes: Neroli, Jasmine, Tuberose Flower
  • Base notes: Blue sequoia, Vetiver, Cedarwood


Tiffany & Love for Him

A citrusy, aromatic fragrance with a wood-infused base.

  • Top notes: Cardamom, Ginger, Mandarin
  • Heart notes: Juniper-Cypress, Geranium, Lavender
  • Base notes: Blue Sequoia, Sandalwood, Vetiver


For the chance to enter, log in or register on the Community, click 'Post a Comment' below and tell us who you share a loving connection with, and which fragrance you would like to test! 50 members will be chosen at random to receive the product, along with 5 questions to answer and post on the Community for your fellow members to see.


Ends at midnight on Wednesday 9th October.


Shop all Tiffany & Co fragrance here.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 09/10/19. 50 members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.


Winging It

oh i would love to test and try this.


Winging It

Hi i have strong connection with my family and husband , they have always supported me and never left in my bad times. I love tiffany #citrusy aromatic and wood infused scent for him  i love to present it to my hubby on Christmas 

Getting Lippy
  • I share a loving connection with my partner. I should love the For Him scent. Thank you.
Winging It

I’d love to try the Tiffany for her perfume and share it with my lovely daughter 

Beauty Icon

Such a lovely one, @EllenL ❤


I would have to share with my awesome husbeast! 🖤

Getting Lippy

I share a loving connection with my husband and two sons, and with two bottles of fragrance up for grabs, one for myself and one for my husband -  he might actually manage to keep all this one for himself now that our sons have left home!! 


The most important loving connection I have right now is with myself. I have always been very critical regarding the way I look, my hair, my weight, the clothes I wear .... pretty much everything. Since I have met my husband he helped me build the self-esteem I need so I can be happier! I guess I leads to a loving connection with him and myself 😍


They both look great but if I have to pick one it will be #Tiffany Love For Her Eau De Parfum - Tiffany Co , I'm always an egoist when it comes to beauty 😂

Total Glossip

❤️ My connection is with my other half and I would love for #him to test it! 

Getting Lippy

I share a loving connection with my husband, we been married for 2 years now. And I would like to receive the Tiffany & Love for Him so he can use and I can smell it on him haha. I think it would be lovely 

Fresh Face

I’d love to try Tiffany his and hers one for me one for my husband as we love each other loads and togetherness in Tiffany would be perfection 

Getting Lippy

Thanks for the opportunity to win @EllenL ,I share a love connection with my husband 💖❤️💋😄❤️,I would like to try #Tiffany Love For Her Eau De Parfum - Tiffany Co ,, good luck to all participants in this amazing contest

Fresh Face

My fiance of 11 years my mum and dad and my daughter 😍 I would love to try for her fragrance Thanks @EllenL  

Getting Lippy

How exciting!! I share a loving connection with Tiffanys! Perfume and diamonds, what is not is not to love! On a serious note, it has to be my Fiance, he is wonderful and supportive through my illness so I would love to try the 'Him' one to say thank you! x

Fresh Face

I share a loving connection with my partner hes everything i could ever wish for in a man and he works so hard..I would love to be able to give him tiffany & love for him 

Getting Lippy

Oh wow thank you for the chance for this 

I have a strong connection with my DAD, his my hero and my best friend, we tell each other everything and there for each other no matter what, hes an fantastic dad and an amazing grandad, hes been threw so much and keeps showing me how strong he is everyday hes amazing 😀 

Nailing It

I share a connection with my sister even though she lives a long way away from me in Australia 💕

i would love to try Tiffany love for her - thanks 💗

Fresh Face

I share my love connection with my mam she is the strongest most kind hearted caring person i know, i admire her and at 35 she still amazes and inspires me everyday with her wise wisdom. If i wo  this one would be for her 😙 

Getting Lippy

I share a connection with my sister and I would love to try the Tiffany & Love For Her.

Getting Lippy

Tiffany & Love for her would be fantastic thank you!


I share a loving connection with my bestie because she knows me inside out, and more importantly, she knows how to make me giggle unashamedly! x

Fresh Face

What a fantastic opportunity to try tiffany's new fragrance.  I'd love to try the ladies version of the fragrance please. I have a strong loving connection with both my daughters who I'm sure would love to try the fragrance to. We always share our perfumes and make up and we love to try new products  

Getting Lippy

Would love to try Tiffany for her - have never had a Tiffany perfume before !!!

Winging It

I’d like to be able to try the men’s one on my husband as he is the one I share a connection with and he rarely treats himself!  

Winging It

I would love to try Tiffany and love for her..  I have a god daughter who I cherish. I have boys myself but have a deep connection to Jessica. I hope I can be a good role model to her. 

Getting Lippy

I share a loving connection with my African Grey called Buddy.  I would love to try the Tiffany&Love for her.  Thank you.

Getting Lippy

I have a loving connection with my newborn daughter. This is an eternal connection that cannot be explained in words. The happiness that i feel by seeing her grow each & everyday is the ultimate joy & contentment that i can have from life. I would love to try the Tiffany & Love for Her

Beauty Crush

I share my loving connection with my boyfriend ♥️

If I’m one of the lucky people to test this, he wants me to try Tiffany & love for her 🥰

Getting Lippy

Hi there, 


I have a special connection with my Granddad, 


The only granddaughter, we get on so well,


he taught me everything from a very young age and i love my Saturdays watching his beloved team! 


I would love to test the men's i could then give this to him!


Winging It

would love to test the one for her - would love to get my best friend  to try it out to - she is always on the lookout for the "perfect" perfume. One that has a great scent, suits her style and lasts most of the day

Getting Lippy

I love My husband So much. He is my whole World. Would love to try this perfume For him. I had opportunity try one of Tiffany perfume and smell amazing. Fingers crossed and good luck everyone x

Fresh Face

I share a loving connection with my husband of 48 years, and would Love to try Tiffany and Love for her and Tiffany and Love for him.

Winging It

Thank you very much @EllenL  for chance to win this beautiful fragrance �

I have very strong loving connections with my husband and 2 daughters 💖 I would love to win Tiffany and Love for Him. It would be a great present for my great love 🥰 my husband, because he has birthday in October.

Tiffany Love For Him Eau De Toilette - Tiffany Co 


Winging It
I would love to try this oriental sounding perfumes.
Winging It

I would absolutely love to try this fragrance as I love Tiffany jewellery I’ve got a beautiful collection so I know this will smell amazing ❤️🤞🏻

Winging It

Really nice perfume, it will look great on my collection 

Fresh Face

Would love to give this to my daughter ❤️❤️

Winging It

I share a loving connection with my husband.  I would love to try the for her fragrance

Getting Lippy

I share my loving connection with my amazing husband, we have been inspreable, since i was 14 years old, im now 36, he is all i need in life, with him i feel like i could battle anything, he gives me my strength,


i love love the female fragrance, the notes in this perfume, are just perfect for me, i always chose perfume's with those notes in the suit me perfectly, Heart

Winging It

Id Love to try Heart Notes and share with My Family, Partner and 2x Children. Thank You 🤞�

Blending In

Thanks @EllenL I will share a loving connection with my besti❤️❤️❤️ Tiffany Love For Her Eau De Parfum - Tiffany Co 

Fresh Face

Hi, I share a loving connection with my partner, we have found each other after being in unhappy relationships for a great many years. He has shown me what true love really is. He loves it when I wear perfume and I would love the chance to try this fragrance to so that I can smell especially gorgeous 😁

Getting Lippy

Would love to treat my husband to a new fragrance so would have to be Tiffany Love For Him Eau De Toilette - Tiffany Co 

Fresh Face

I share a  loving connection with my mother always have always will, she gave me life and i can not thank her enough for that, shes my best friend and i love her to bits, even if she is a looney bin, #mumsforlife 



i would love to try the tiffany & love for her perfume, as i am drawn more to the softer scents


Winging It

I share a loving connection with my husband and my cat 🐱. 

I’d like to try Tiffany & Love for Her please.

Winging It

I would share my perfume aftershave if I was privileged to win the tester with my 24 year old son xx

Getting Lippy

Another chance to win fragrance  !love to try tiffany love for my husband,want to win this for him Smiley Happy

Getting Lippy

Amazing prize

 Would love to win.

Nailing It

Thank you @EllenL 

CCB9EA6B-1BBD-40CF-8132-715C05563158.jpegWould love to match with my necklace




@I would like to Share with my  soulmate 

my best friend and my love

on the end of the month is our 6th anniversary 

would be wonderful share with him #Tiffany Love For Him Eau De Toilette - Tiffany Co  #Sheer Eau De Toilette - Tiffany Co  

Getting Lippy

Definitely share a connection with my best mate. Love her to bits 😊

Winging It

I have strong deep connection with my mum. As teenager I wasn't very good child make headache to my parents but as mother I understood a loads of things my mum experienced with us. I found how hard sometimes is manage stubborn kids. Would love to share the perfume with her.She deserve all the best. ❤️ 

Fresh Face

Would like to give the aftershave a go for me, and my wife and daughter the perfume a try.

Didnt know  #Tiffany Spring Set Perfume Gift Set - Tiffany Co