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Community Manager

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve asked our head office team the beauty tips they live by, inspired by the iconic women in their life…


Donna Durie – Photographics manager

Donna loves... the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum

“My mum made sure I took care of my skin from a young age – serum being the most important step”

Untitled design (31).jpg


And if there’s one serum we know that does the job, it’s the iconic Advanced Night Repair, loved by beauty editors all over. The powerful formula composed of ChronoluxCB Technology and key ingredients like hyaluronic acid reveals more radiant, fresher skin by the morning.


Bridget Chikelue - PR Manager 

Bridget loves... Lancome's La Vie Est Belle 

“My favourite beauty editor taught me that spritzing perfume on top of lotion helps lock in the scent”

Untitled design (32).jpg


It’s no surprise that Bridget loves the best-selling La Vie Est Belle fragrance – with notes of pear, blackberry and vanilla. As the perfect pick for your Mother’s Day gift (if you want to get ahead of the game), this scent is as sweet as it gets.


Lynn Coates – Head of Commercial

Lynn loves... Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

“As beauty guru Caroline Hirons says, double cleansing in the evening is key”

Untitled design (33).jpg


Not only does the Elemis Rose Cleansing balm smell dreamy, but it really does the job as far as a luxurious balm goes to remove dirt and impurities. The formula of shea butter and sweet almond oil eliminates dullness to reveal a brighter complexion.



Daisy Carling-Rose – Beauty Editor

I love... NARS Lipsticks!

“My grandmother always used to wear a bright lipstick on a dull day”

Untitled design (30).jpg


A bold, pop of colour is the perfect pick-me-up on a dreary day - especially the shades 'Start your engines' and 'Ravishing red'. With 60 shades, these vibrant lippy's contain essential oil fatty acids for smooth, nourishing finish.

Beauty Icon

It’s wonderful seeing the head office team ❤️❤️❤️ And great tips thank you 🥰


Wooow i would love To try it All HeartCat Surprised

Fresh Face

I would love to try it all.. you ladies look stunning.. 


Love the tips 💕 Everyone looks beautiful ❤️

Beauty Crush

Beautiful ladies and lovely tips😘

Beauty Icon

Pro Collagen Cleansing balm is my all time favourite cleanser. I love it. Heart

Living the Highlight

Thanks for the tips. They’re all fab! 

Donnas mother sounds like my own so I’ve always took care of my skin. My ten year old is already starting to follow suit and has started her skim care cleansing and moisturising regime and I just got her a face mist as she sees me with mine. 

Also Lynn is right a double cleanse is essential!!!! Followed up good serums and moisturisers. 

Perfectly Primed

Nice to see you all and thank you for the tips 😊

In the Spotlight

@DaisyCR  I'm loving my La Vie est Belle perfume & it came with a body lotion so I can layer up my scent as recommended by Bridget 

Total Glossip

Have to agree with Lynn Coates quoting Caroline Hiron. Love Elemis rose cleanser

Getting Lippy

Lovely ladies and thanks for the tips🙂

Going Pro

@DaisyCR Lynns skin looks great, I double cleanse also, and I'm also currently using Elemis rose balm! Its dreamy and keeps my skin soft

Winging It

Very nice article. Thanks grandmother of Daisy CR. Its good idea. I ll follow her advice

Nailing It

Great tips! You guys look great, hope you're all doing well..