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Make room on your new year beauty shelf with these good-for-skin showstoppers, that are paving the way in vegan beauty.


Clarins My Clarins Reboost Refreshing hydrating cream

A light, hydrating cream packed with nature-giving goodness such as coconut water, fig and goji berry offering nothing but healthy-looking skin. As Clarins themselves say: Goodness in, nasties out - that's what we like to hear!




Elemis Superfood Cica Calm cleansing foam 

Introducing your new cleanse with Benefits; remove traces of makeup and impurities with a vegan formula composed of fermented superfoods and micellar technology. Naturally hydrating ingredients such as rice water hydrates skin for a refreshing glow.




Bareminerals Skinlongevity vital power serum 50ml

Nourishing vegan goodness such as long life herb extract remains at the core of this serum, helping to revive and restore skin with its hydrating qualities. Suitable for all skin types, anti-ageing properties in this shelf staple is what you need to renew your skin's glow post-Christmas festivities.




Caudalie Vinopure clear skin purifying toner

This vegan hero contains both natural and effective ingredients to clear away dead skin cells and clogged pores. Cadualie's infamous grape water hydrates and soothes, whilst the other natural origin ingredients remove excess oil for clearer skin.




Some of my other favourite vegan products include...


Aveda's Damage Remedy daily hair repair cream 

 Who knew hair-care could be so conscious? Help protect hair damage against breakage with this leave-in treatment, composed of quinoa protein.





Murad's Resurgence Replenishing multi-acid peel

Accelerate cell renewal in just seven days with this ultra-effective peel, that works hard to keep skin soothed and nourished at the same time.







Sand & Sky pink clay porefining face mask

This Australian pink clay in this detoxifying mask takes only 10 minutes to brighten skin and tighten pores.





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Living the Highlight

I’ve just seen these new Elemis superfood cica range items sneak online and I’m like - wow that was a well kept secret I had no idea! Should do wonders for the skin. Cant wait to see more of the superfood additions. 

Also, @DaisyCR the rest of these products sound great too - esp the #clarins  re boost cream. I love their new, ‘trendier’ packaging and products.  Though Clarins has always been a great brand.  

Beauty Icon

@DaisyCR  oooh my fav bareminerals skinlongevity serum love it😍😍💕

Beauty Icon

All products are amazing @DaisyCR 

Going Pro

@DaisyCR Wow, all the brands are just amazing 

Beauty Crush
I have tired the clarins and have brough the night cream one, the daily one is also on my list to get Smiley Happy
Beauty Crush

Love the products! I had ELEMIS facial other day at the Spa and my skins been fab since @DaisyCR 

Nailing It

Wow I love it . ❤️


Those products look lovely @DaisyCR   I'm especially interested in the Clarins cream and the Elemis cleanser  Heart

Beauty Crush

@DaisyCR  Fabulous 

Nailing It

I absolutely love the Vinopure Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Gift Set - Caudalie it is great I have proper combination skin which literally changes week by week but this serum and toner REALLY help keep my blemishes to a minimum! Definitely recommend! 

Perfectly Primed

 I am a huge Elemis fan @DaisyCR  wouldn't mind trying the cleansing foam 💜

Beauty Icon

All the products looks amazing, including my favourite brand Elemis!

Nailing It

My daughter is so excited about these products.      I am worried about our next shopping trip and the safety of my purse! 

Getting Lippy

Loving all the items we get to test but disappointed - went in last Sunday and it hadnt arrived Smiley Sad Gonna try again tomorrow.

Getting Lippy

Ooh, these all look so good. I especially like the look of the Bareminerals Serum, sounds lovely! Happy New Year 💛

Going Pro

@DaisyCR bareminerals looks tempting 😍

Nailing It

Im into vegan skin care products at the moment so  the Elemis cleanser is definitely down my street  and something ill love to buy and try especially with it being vegan im 100 percent happy, all the other products i love also 

Getting Lippy

Thanks for introducing and summarising some vegan friendly products. I am currently wanting to try start using vegan friendly products but not too sure which and what brands and product to use so I have been doing some research, and these products you have mentioned are a great start for me for looking into more.

Winging It

It's really lovely to see Vegan products highlighted and there is so much to look forward to in pampering beauty this year! 


@DaisyCR Love your blog and all products mentioned in it 😍👏😉

Just Arrived

I appreciate you are publicising these products as vegan but I do feel you should clarify that although the specific products may be vegan, the brands are not. Clarins for example  sells into China and therefore condones the use of animal testing and animal products, with disgraceful cruelty.

Getting Lippy

I cant wait to try it all  😍😍😍😍😍😍😍