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We’re giving you the lowdown on some simple swaps and unsung sustainability schemes, to help you drive your waste count down...


Lancôme Idole

Running a little low on your favourite fragrance? Lancôme have you covered – head to your closest Lancôme counter to get a refill! (see Lancôme’s website for store details) Not only does this mean you can get more out of its citrus, floral scent, but every little helps to do your bit toward sustainability, too.




Guerlain Abeille Royale creams

We love seeing brands make major changes in their packaging for a greener planet, which is exactly what Guerlain have done. Their super popular Abeille Royale jars now use 90% recycled glass, meaning their annual carbon footprint is reduced by 44% and its water consumption by 42%!




Noble Isle

This British brand, who source their natural extracts from local producers, are proud to say their boxes and cartons are 100% recyclable. We’re not sure what we love more – the dreamy scents of their quirky shower gels (whiskey and water, for instance) or their ongoing mission to make the planet a cleaner, greener place.76829997_2763637393716792_2848138659409264184_n.jpg


L'Occitane Eco-refils 

Your favourite body care brand got a sustainable upgrade… The Eco Refills from L’Occitane mean you can refill those soaps and shower gels, which use 90% less plastic than the original product. The way forward to feel fresh, and guilty less!




Helping to make the planet a greener place, Origins accept empty cosmetics to recycle from any brand, helping to erase waste. Not only this but they’ve planted over 500,000 trees all over the globe through their Plant-a-Tree programme, helping to restore areas damaged by wildfires.





MAC Lipsticks 

To help boost your recycling count, MAC will reward you with the perfect little treat. After you bring six empty lipstick containers, MAC will give you a free lipstick of your choice – result!



The Handmade Soap Company

These guys are on a serious mission – not only does this loveable brand avoiding plastic by using 100% post-consumer recycled materials, but they make sure these can then be recycled again. Featuring deliciously-smelling shower gels, moisturisers and more.59064796_598765470599756_2118596394017254854_n.jpg



What steps do you make toward a greener planet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Idole on my shopping list 😍😍😍🤞


@DaisyCR Since the Clarins swap last spring Ive learnt about companies accepting empties, which I didn’t know before , and I have a empties box at home and make sure everyone recycles their empties including my dad and brothers. Before they would go right in the bin, but now I make sure everyone recycles them.



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@DaisyCR  defo since clarins beauty swap i save my beauty items now before any cream,serum makeup empties use to end up in a normal bin but now iv got a bag and chuck them in there ready to take to the counter origions.

Beauty Crush

@DaisyCR So good to know we can all make a difference and the incentives are great for recycling these days even for those who wouldn’t normally make the effort. 

Lush are fab too if you take 5 empty pots they give you one free and the face masks are amazing! 

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It's great to see so many companies finally doing something to help the environment considering the money they make out of us @DaisyCR 

Nailing It

Ive always been proud of mac for their recycling of product empties and of then receiving free lipstick, just abit sad that many companies still dont have the same objective but however im glad a few companies are now thinking of recycling especially perfume bottles we should be able to refill most expensive perfume as it makes more sense than purchasing new ones 

High Brow

@DaisyCR  Yes I do keep my empties waiting for a chance to recycle, last year Clarins did a beauty swap, John Lewis give you £5 off a beauty purchase if you take 5 empties in & I believe if you take an empty perfume bottle into the Fragrance shop they give you 10% off your next buy .

Getting Lippy

Kielhs and BodyShop recycle empties as well.

Winging It

Great initiative! Love it x

Nailing It

I love some of these ideas. I know origins , body shop and lush will all recycle. I love the Lancôme refillable - I was unaware you could do this and it’s definitely a game changer x

Fresh Face

I love companies that do their bit at reducing their carbon footprint! Although I try to recycle etc. It’s good to know the companies are being proactive and you feel better about taking them back as you know exactly how they’re being recycled! 
Great post! 

Getting Lippy

So good to see companies trying to be more ethical and sustainable. Here's hoping more will follow suit 💗

Winging It

I have stopped using face wipes and now use organic cotton washable squares of muslin , with my usual toner

Getting Lippy

Wooow i would love To try it All Heart

Getting Lippy

Wowww! I didn't know that before,but from  now on I would definitely make sure to recycle my empties and play my little role to save Mother Planet. Thank you to all my beauty club members for their efforts to keep our planet pollution free by recycling their empties. Be together in 3R's....reduce, reuse,recycle.