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Each week, we're going to run a series of blog posts dedicated to skincare education without all the jargon so you can buy with beauty confidence. Last week we asked you what you wanted to know about. We listened to your most common skincare concerns and this week we're talking about redness. 




One of our lovely Beauty Club Community members @NatashaeJones kindly posted a picture of her red cheeks (featured above) and like anyone else who suffers from redness needs some advice and product recommendations on how to combat redness. So, here's what you need to know...


What causes skin redness? 

Flushing, redness and rosacea is caused by increased blood flow through dilated vessels in the skin that causes them to expand. As a result, redness usually occurs around the centre of the face, chin, cheeks and forehead.  Triggers of skin redness vary from person to person but here are the most common factors. 


1. Over exfoliation

After exfoliation skin is normally red for a short period of time. However, if redness persists for longer periods it means you've over-exfoliated which results in broken capillaries that cause redness, tightness and overall sensitivity. Alway's opt for a gentle exfoliator with natural ingredients.


2. Heavy exercise

Although it's important to exercise, strenuous activity especially cardio increases heart rate and blood flow which in turn, aggravates redness and rosacea. 


3. Weather and pollution

UV light and heat from the sun's rays along with daily pollutants and environmental aggressors can cause skin to inflame and irritate redness. It's important to strengthen skin's barrier by keeping it highly hydrated and protected with a moisture boosting moisturiser and SPF. 


4. Alcohol

Although we all love to have a tipple or two, alcohol (especially red and white wine) contain the highest levels of histamine which triggers redness and aggravates rosacea. 


5. Spicy food

Spicy foods and hot spices are a no-no. The heat from spicy food and hot spices cause flare-ups in an in instant. 


6. Hot showers and baths

We all love a long hot shower or a relaxing soak but heat from the water and steam strips skin of its natural oils and proteins so rashes and redness are exacerbated. Skin will also feel tight and itchy. Also, avoid using soap as soap is drying on the skin and also strips skin's natural oil. If soap is your thing, opt for a mild, fragrance-free soap or moisturising shower gel. 


Ways to combat redness...skincare 

Generally, the rule to combat redness is to opt for products that have fewer ingredients in them and ones that are gentle, mild, fragrance-free and natural. 

Clinique redness.jpg


Clinique Redness Solutions

Specially formulated to target redness, Clinique's redness Solutions range includes a cleanser, moisturiser with SPF 15 and colour correcting face primer. 


Murad redness.jpg

Murad Redness Therapy range

Created by Dr. Murad, the Murad Redness Therapy range is super lightweight, super soothing and super calming on the skin. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.28.11.png

Dior Capture Youth Redness Soother Age Delay Anti Redness Serum

Enriched with antioxidant iris, this serum is specially formulated to be gentle on skin and composed of 79% naturally derived ingredients. Its corrective green-tinted texture helps to calm skin and leaves a feeling of freshness. The ideal solution to ease reactive, sensitive skin. Combined with the 'Capture Youth' cream, the Redness Soother serum appears to reveal perfect skin quality.


Ways to combat redness...make up

Opt for mineral based make up that is kind on your skin while helping to reduce the appearance of redness. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.42.43.png

bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF15

Made with just five mineral ingredients and provides beautiful, buildable coverage with a naturally luminous finish. This award-winning mineral foundation protects your skin with SPF 15 and diminishes the appearance of imperfections without drying the skin out. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.42.15.png

Naked Skin Colour Corrector 

Neutralizes redness while the antioxidant-rich vitamin C and vitamin E conditions and protects skin. 



Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.41.15.png

Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder

Visible redness and broken capillaries virtually disappear for hours with this instant relief mineral pressed powder.  The patent pending complex calms skin while the antioxidants help to protect skin from external aggressors.


What skincare stories would you like to see? Post a comment and we'll add them to our list of things to write about.    

Total Glossip

@SarahS  Thank you so much for this! I’ll definitely give some of these products a try. I feel like I don’t really fall into any of the catagories that cause redness. I have PCOS, could mine be hormonal? I’m suspecting it is, as my skin suffers terribly with my PCOS. I also have Gastroparesis, which means my stomach is partially paralysed and I’m tube fed. All I can really tolerate orally is things like white bread, chocolate and sweets. So I don’t get much nutrition wise, my body is malnourished in that sense. Could that also be a cause? 


I’d love to see a post on dealing with all things chronic conditions can cause to the skin and how to go navigate it. It’s probably asking a lot because everyone is different but I have two chronic conditions, but I know others can suffer with all kinds like Chron’s, Colitis, Endometriosis, EDS, short bowel syndrome, chronic pancritis, slow bowel function and the list is endless. But all of these chronic conditions will have long lasting effects on our skin due to medications, malnutrition, hormones, being unable to exercise, etc. It would be interesting to see if there are things targeting an audience like me. 


Thank you for your post, it’s really going to help me target these frustrating patches!



Beauty Icon

Thank you for the article!

I'm prone to redness so its been really helpful 🖤

Getting Lippy

I have the same problem , very useful post🤗  hopefully some of this creams will help 🤔

Living the Highlight

This is so useful, thank you for covering this ❤️

In the Spotlight

Thank you for doing this skin series!!! It's so helpful, definitely be trying out some of these products. I have a little but of redness usually around my nose and chin, so this post is amazingly useful!


Nailing It

@SarahS , Thank you so much for the sharing, this is what I really need! Will try Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder as suggested within the article. I like Dior Capture Youth Redness Soother Age Delay Anti Redness Serum, it really works well with my skin =)

Beauty Icon

Loving the posts on skincare Heart.

Beauty Icon

Thankfuly i dont suffer from this on my skin but its realky good how you show an recammend products for the people who have red skin flare ups.


The bareminerals foundation is soooo brillant i totaly recommend it my

sis inlaw is a rocseca suffer and thats the inly foundation that helps her as her skin cannot tolarate any other foundations esoecialy liquid ones

Dermoligica brands are also really good for this problem x



Winging It

Good sharing, like it so much!

Getting Lippy

Thank you @SarahS  for this post, and for the recommendations. What I would really like is a breakdown on thread veins on the face, from skincare solutions to make up cover ups. I currently use Smashbox's Photo Finish Redness Primer, and then an assortment of foundations that I have picked up but with varying success. As I am now 44 I want a lighter dewy look and feel but with the coverage. Any help would be appreciated, thank you Woman Very Happy