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Press reset on your skin, body and soul with some self-care superstars that’ll have you relaxed to the max.


Origins Hello Calm Relaxing and Hydrating face mask 

The product you need if the Christmas period has wreaked havoc on your skin; ultra-calming and super hydrating with its natural cannabis sativa seed oil, enjoy de-stressed skin rid of any appearance of irritation.





Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalising Oil Emulsion 

This brand new 2-in-1 moisturiser is packed with 100% natural ingredients to provide the upmost vitality and radiance. The essential oils of patchouli and rosemary offer those aromatherapy benefits we all dream of in our skincare.




Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar water cream

Containing a unique blend of pineapple extract for a healthy glow, this lightweight water cream absorbs fast into the skin to deliver an immense increase of hydration by 86%. The perfect moisture-rich primer you need to achieve a super soft base before makeup. 




The Handmade Soap Company pillow and room mist

Make bedtimes as peaceful as can be with this blend of lavender, rosemary and thyme known for their ultra-relaxing properties. Add spritz or two to your pillows before bed and you’ll enter the land of nod before you know it.





AromaWorks Nurture scented candle jar

The relaxing experience of the AromaWorks Nurture range is the perfect pampering essential when getting cosy on these January nights. The mix of five essential oils brings a rich and fruity scent, underneath a soothing sandalwood base.




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Oh my god originssss has a new mask😍😍😍

High Brow

The new clarins product though 🤩🤩🤩 @DaisyCR 

Beauty Icon

That new Clarins product!!  🤩 Brands sure know how to describe  products well...Oil Imulsion sounds so good...take my money now lol!  😆  Oil mixed with moisturiser always seems to work so well on my skin and leaves it so hydrated.  

Getting Lippy

These products sound amazing and something that I need currently, especially both the Origins and Clarins products seems interesting.


Ooo I have a Plant Gold taster facial treatment booked in with Clarins in a couple of weeks time so really looking forward to giving it a try @DaisyCR .


The other products look good too

Beauty Icon

Love the sound of the Clarins oil emulsion @DaisyCR , the cheerful yellow packaging is also eye catching. 

Getting Lippy

The Origins mask sounds lovely, it's that time of the year when you feel like you need some tlc, isn't it? I've always fancied trying a pillow spray but they all seem to have lavender in them and I'm really not a fan.

Living the Highlight

Oh these look wonderful! 

I love a scented candle and AromaWorks have lovely fragrances.


The new Clarins looks lovely and sounds like it will smell amazing. I love the scents of rosemary and patchouli. I also think that Oil infused moisturisers are the best.


They soothe and nourish all the layers of the skin and help it look it’s best.  Clarins knows good skincare.  

Beauty Icon

I love clarins and there all products @DaisyCR  it looks lush 🤩🤩🤩

Perfectly Primed

@DaisyCR  All of these look extremely tempting 😍

Going Pro

@DaisyCR Wow, luxurious products 

Winging It

Can I try this please..??

Living the Highlight

I went in store  to feel and smell the plant hold today, all I can say is -wow. It smells like lavender and is like a spa in a bottle! It’s a lovely light consistency and the you can really feel in your skin of hydrating it would be.  

Winging It

Wow, got my first beauty box.

Getting Lippy

I can t wait to try it all 🐰🐰🐰🐰