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It’s no secret we’re all feeling a little blue at the moment, meaning self-care becomes all the more vital. Here’s some top tips and enjoyable treats we’re hoping will help you through…


Keep talking

Even if it’s over Facetime or WhatsApp, keep talking to friends, family or colleagues to chat about how you’re feeling. Our Beauty Club Community is a great space with thousands of beauty lovers alike.



Get plenty of rest

Helping you one step closer to snooze, try the lavender-enriched Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.




Eat right

A healthy diet can help a healthy mind.




Keep those hands nourished

Whilst keeping our hands as clean as possible remains priority, we know how that can make them extremely dry! Clarins Hand & Nail cream works as an invisible protective glove via its soothing emollients.



Pamper yourself

There couldn’t be a better time to give your skin a little extra TLC, so get to know Glamglow’s iconic masking range. With one for every concern, like the Supermud for blemishes or Flashmud for brightening, which one will be your new go-to?




Pamper yourself some more!

Take a bath every once and a while to truly allow yourself some pamper time. Treat yourself to some soothing products from some of our wonderful bath and body brands: Rituals, Philosophy, L’Occitane and Origins, to name a few.




Try something new

Maybe it’s a new book, journaling or a new recipe you’ve been meaning to experiment with, but now’s a great time to get something off that bucket list ticked.




And… Relax

Take relaxation levels from a 6 to a 10 with those all-important candles. The beauty team here at Debenhams are truly obsessed over the dreamy scents of Aromaworks and Rituals candles.




Let us know in the comments below any other self-care tips you're living by right now...


Beauty Icon

I’m definitely using the Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate I think it’s super relaxing,  and the rituals hand creams 🥰

High Brow

@DaisyCR  Coincidently I'm using Clarins Hand & Nail cream every evening before bed and have various other hand creams dotted around the house & in my handbag , with all the necessary  handwashing going on 🤲




Beauty Icon

Great advice there, I do most of those things but use different brands, although I have heard how good Kiehl's and Clarins are, so will one day try those brands. 

Nailing It

So love this post... 

I'm pretty busy decluttering and cleaning as I go along, no me time for me just yet unfortunately... 

Getting Lippy

Some great ideas there, my hands are like claws at the moment from all the hand washing so I will give the hand cream a try. I hope everyone is managing ok at the moment 💛

Getting Lippy


   I am Taking Extra Care of my Hands and Nails

Using Rose Sugar Scrub on my Hands and Using Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment

and Using my Brightest Nail Colours to paint my Nails it Lifts my Spirits Try it !!