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Clear that beauty shelf, because it’s time to welcome Philosophy’s first ever natural, vegan and eco-friendly collection.


We already know we can count on Philosophy for simple yet effective skincare, with an abundance of natural ingredients in their products, delivering skin-loving goodness.


However, there’s no denying the world we live in today, experiencing fast temperature shifts, increased cultural stresses and heightened pollution can wreak havoc on our skin.


Thankfully, Philosophy have answered our skin’s prayers, not only with a new range offering deep hydration to combat that dull, dry skin we experience from the outside world, but the ingredients are all natural too!

Untitled design (26).jpg


This superstar line-up contains a three piece skincare and two piece body care collection, tackling those pesky problems we all suffer from – sensitivity, and fatigued, dry skin.


All brought together by the unique benefits of extremophile desert plants such as agave, jojoba and prickly pear, Philosophy have looked at the ways these plants have managed survival through the most extreme dry periods. They continue to flourish from their natural oils and extracts, which is why Philosophy have put these extracts straight into the range – genius!


In the new range, you’ll find…


Gentle detoxifying cleanser with agave

This detox for your face when added to water transforms to a foaming lather, which helps remove makeup and detoxifies from its antioxidant-rich formula.


Gentle warming exfoliator with jojoba

One for you sensitive skin sufferers! Jojoba and apricot oil nourish the skin, whilst the fine grains help exfoliate to minimise the look of pores . The gentle warming sensation whilst it works is dreamy, too!





Cica complex recovery moisturiser

Soothe dryness and restore skin’s barrier with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and prickly pair fruit extract. Your skin will thank you for feeling freshly hydrated in an instant!


Moisturising in-shower oil with hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil

Add a touch of luxury to your shower experience with a replenishing in-shower oil which instantly dries – simply pat and go to reap the nourishing benefits.



Untitled design (28).jpg


Cream to water body lotion with cactus fruit extract

A unique, lightweight cream-to-water lotion with cactus water to give us long-lasting hydration.


Shop the collection here.


Which products are on your wish list? Let us know in the comments below!

Beauty Crush

Beautiful range 

Perfectly Primed

Adore Philosophy products. 💜

Beauty Icon

They all sound fabulous however , I’m looking forward to trying the cream to water body lotion and the hemp oil 🥰

Beauty Icon

As a Philosophy fan I look forward to trying this range @DaisyCR, sounds brilliant. 

Nailing It

Sounds lush! 

Getting Lippy

These all sound amazing. I really want to try them all but I think the body moisturiser first 💛


@DaisyCR  I haven't tried any Philosophy products yet but I like the sound of the in-shower oil and the body moisturiser

All Eyes on Me

@DaisyCRThe gentle warning exfoliator with jojoba sounds nice and something I will probably try from the range especially as it says it helps to minimise pores!

Living the Highlight
Perfectly Primed

You might be interested in these new products from Philosophy @Shafaqshehzad   


@DaisyCR Love the Moisturising in-shower oil with hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil. 


Getting Lippy

I would love to try it 😀

First Base

I’ve tried the Face moisture sample and it’s Amazing although a very runny and slightly thick it doesn’t irritate my face once Apply it, I’d say the products are Amazing 😉