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Whether they're for travelling, your handbag or just for some super fun-sized beauty, we’ve got some of your favourite products as minis. Buy online or pick and mix at our mini bars in-store, but *disclaimer alert* they’re so cute you may well want them all…


Here's our top picks:


MakeupUntitled design (100).jpg



Kat Von D Alchemist highlighter

Up your makeup bag game with this transforming mini highlighter, with a holographic blue/green shade from the best-selling Alchemist palette.


Benefit Roller Liner Eyeliner

Benefit’s brand new Roller Liner eyeliner just got mini’d! Take yours on the go to ensure your liners on fleek wherever you may be.


MAC Cosmetics mini lipstick

If you didn’t already know, the iconic MAC lipsticks are available as minis! Pop a few in your handbag to switch up your lip whenever you wish.



 Untitled 9.jpg




GLAMGLOW Supermud clearing treatment face mask

For glam on the go, these super cute mini-masks makes the perfect little treat. Enjoy super clear and pore-less skin with this deep cleansing mask.


Peter Thomas Roth Jet Set 4 piece facial kit

For skincare on the go (or glow), this Peter Thomas Roth has the four travel essentials you need. Start with the Water Drench cleanser, then your peeling gel. Pop on your cucumber mask to finish, moisturise with your Water Drench hyaluronic moisturiser.


Origins Checks and Balance frothy face wash

Balance out oily or dry skin with this face wash packed with cancelling out qualities as well as spearmint and lavender to give a soothing cleanse.


Hair care

Untitled design.jpg



Ouai travel size dry shampoo

Pop this mini dry shampoo in your gym bag or overnight bag to keep your locks looking super fresh on even the worst of hair days. 


Philip Kingsley Body & Volume travel size jet haircare

Combat limp or flyaway hairs with this ideal set. Not going away anywhere? These bestsellers still work great for an introduction to the legendary Philip Kingsley products.


Aveda Smooth Infusion style smoother hair cream

Smooth hair, don’t care! Don’t compromise on those shiny locks – this Aveda hair cream will serve your styling needs with its organic aloe and guar bean as well as hydrolysed wheat protein for damage protection.


Fragrance Untitled design8.jpg





Chloe Les Minis Eau de Toilette

Perfect for those who love that infusion of rose in their fragrance, this Chloe favourite is even cuter fun-size. Either give as a thoughtful gift, or treat yourself for a perfect new on-the-go fragrance.


Marc Jacobs Daisy refillable purse spray

The refillable spray in this mini Daisy set makes this the perfect everyday handbag fragrance. Notes of wild berries, soft white violets and jasmine offers as romantic yet warming scent.


YSL Black Opium click and go pen  


Practically perfect in every way... Your favourite Black Opium is available as a super portable pen packed with over 200 clicks!


Want to know where your nearest in-store mini bar is?




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Henry Street







White Rose








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I love minis and wish all the brands would make them! I have bought many minis from Benefit as it's a great way to try something then go on to buy the full size! I asked the Chanel lady once if they did a mini in one of their lipsticks!!!!!!!! BIG mistake, she said ''NO'' and looked at me like I was an abomination!!!!! I wish that attitude was rare, but it's not!  Smiley Sad It's sad when make up counter staff make you feel bad, which is why I hate going in store for make up and prefer to order online safe from my nest! Smiley Sad x

Fresh Face

Agreed. Some counter staff are so snooty (YSL, Chanel & Estée Lauder) and others are just super approachable (Benefit, Lancome & Urban Decay).

Getting Lippy

I went to Estee Lauder counter to get a new one of the night repair I ran out of. She asked me what size and i said the 50ml, and she said you know that is 76 pounds and I was like yes. She said it as if I looked too poor to afford it (probably did to be fair as  fashion is not my thing). So yea know what you mean. 


I had no idea there is one in the White Rose, I'll have to check it out! Smiley Happy

And yes minis are the best when you are not sure if it's worth it spending the money on something. Heart


@Bry that's Smiley Frustrated so wrong! Everyone should be treated with respect! It drives me mad when people judge you on the way you look/ dress/ talk etc. etc.  They make assumptions based on ill conceived judgements! Smiley Sad x

ps. the best counter service I have ever received was from Benefit in House of Fraser. That young girl was awesome and I rang the store up the next day to tell them how amazing she was! I think they were pretty shocked by their reaction as people are generally way quicker to criticise than praise. It was THAT girl that would make me buy from that store. Staff and the way they treat you has the power to make or break a store for me personally.


@Amanda-C Funny you say that I had one of my best experiences at House of Fraser's Estee Lauder counter Smiley Very Happy. There was a girl who was so nice and helpful with everything! And I did the same, contacted customer service to say how happy I was. 


@Pineapple I love be able to give great feedback <3 x

Winging It

These issues regarding attitudes at sales counters by staff/ representatives!  should be voiced more , see this on here so much how are Debenhams addressing this issue? It would be interesting to know!! 😊


@Fackrell1968 thanks for your comment - will feed this back to the relevant team. 

We love hearing your feedback, but just to remind you this is a place to share beauty advice and tips and isn't monitored by our customer service team. If there is a specific store you want to give feedback on please email and they will be able to raise this with the store and internal teams Smiley Happy x

Getting Lippy

I have seen a huge improvement in the counter staff at Leicester Debenehams, I used to get so wound up by some of them. Unfriendly, unapproachable and OMG if you asked for samples they looked at you like you had two heads. I wrote emails complaining about how this whole experiance made me feel. I LOVE cosmetics and skincare, I am interested in cosmetics and skincare, I love to browse and try and touch and feel and learn more, I ask questions and read up, I read and write reviews to share my experiences but you then go to a counter and all that interest and excitement gets sucked out of you by just 1 person who decided to be unhelpful and unfriendly. Its like they see me in there weekly and go "ohh here she is again" yes I am because I love cosmetics. I ask for samples because if I like it I intend to buy it and brands should have enough faith in their products to offer samples and the counter staff should offer them and get rid of this "she just wants freebies" mindset. Anyway, well done Debenhams Leicester as my experiences there have been so much more enjoyable over the last year. Especially the girls on Mac and Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown, they chat to you like a friend would. x

Getting Lippy

Oh this happens in preston all the time!counter staff look at you as you're too poor to be bothered with,and i spend quite a  bit in debenhams especially run up to christmas on gifts! It happens a lot to my son,he's 20,and it annoys him,he goes in shops etc and they say the prices as though he can't afford it when he's probably  more in bank than the assistant has as he's very saver savvy! In a jewellers  were its open plan in the mall they refused to let him have a look at a £200 watch,and asked him to leave !( probably as there were a couple of other- older- 

& posher- customers there already) But he genuinely  wanted to buy himself one,as a christmas treat to himself& needed a new watch!! If I'd  been with him i would have complained but that would only show him up i guess! Its terrible how people are treated in shops- one assistant in a small general store when i asked her if the slow printing receipt was mine from cash machine she grabbed it and said " not unless youve  got  **** (amount) thinking i could not possibly have- so i said yes i  do have actually and snatched it out of her hand!! And YES,it was mine! (I wouldn't have minded so much except that it wasn't a posh shop,just like a corner shop,and she was not a posh salesperson either!