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This new skincare range from Clarins is all about pro-ageing and celebrating mature skin…


Whether you’re looking for a new skincare set for yourself or perhaps the perfect Mother’s Day gift, Clarins new Nutri-Lumiere range, aimed at women aged 60+, contains four exceptional products with natural, innovative skin nutrients.


Untitled design (25).jpg


After three years of research and development and over 200 formulation tests, Clarins worked hard to figure out products that counteract the loss of nutrients our skin experiences after 60 years of age; we're excited to say that they found it!



Inside the range powered by plants, Clarins have added the horse chestnut, a symbol of long life and rebirth, to offer maximum nourishment. The superstar duo of the fruit and flower of this key ingredient adds luminosity to skin, as its careful extraction method means the rich molecules inside are preserved.





In addition to this powerful ingredient, 15 other plant-based beauties lie inside the products too. You'll find the organic leaf of life (offering natural hydration), to oat sugar (for its soothing effects) as well as green coffee (to give an energised, radiant glow).


This jam-packed ingredient list combined with Clarins’ Anti-Pollution complex, protecting skin from environmental damages, really does make up a ground-breaking formulation.





In the four-piece line up, you’ve got a treatment essence to use after cleansing – the perfect pre-moisturiser step to allow maximum absorption.

The day cream, offers a deep nourishment and healthy glow, whilst the day emulsion gives all the nourishment the day cream does but in a lighter texture.

To top it off, the rich night cream works tirelessly whilst you snooze, to re-hydrate and restore.


Although we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, there’s no denying the luxuriously gold packaging on all four products make for a pretty good bathroom set up too!


Shop the Nutri-Lumiere range here.


Beauty Icon

This sounds amazing and something my mum would love 💕 

High Brow

@DaisyCR  I'm very interested in this newly launched range as I'm 60+ and a little tip for the community, I received an email from Debenhams that said there are samples to collect from the Clarins counter to check out this new Nutri Lumiere ,it's not a beauty club box ,just something to ask  the Clarins SA for  . 

Getting Lippy

have loved the super restorative range for several years, looking forward to trying these new products (aimed at my age group!)

Nailing It

Sounds amazing, my skin would love for me to gift these products to it 😁 any excuse! 


@DaisyCR I love Clarins skincare and am really interested in the launch of this new range (although I'm not so sure that  my credit card would like it 😃😃😎) so I'll have to try and grab some samples first ..... thank you for the info @Galara01 😙

All Eyes on Me

@DaisyCR This looks like a lovely new range and the packaging is gorgeous, an ideal Mother’s Day present definitely!

First Base

How do I get to test stuff for free I give great and honest reviews 


@DaisyCR These looked good,love the packaging 😉

Getting Lippy

I would love to try it Heart

Fresh Face

Would love to gift this to my mum for Mother’s Day she deserves it after a tough year

Winging It

Smiley Wink I wish I could afford to try this 😏 too expensive for me though 

Getting Lippy

Would love to get samples to try. Sounds really good & if it helps wrinkles yahoo.

Total Glossip

I think my nan would love this range

Nailing It

Looks and sounds pretty amazing..