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Community Manager

Hey guys.


Happy New Year!


To kick off your New Year right we are offering you the chance to try out the 'Poreless' range from natural skincare & makeup experts, Bare Minerals. The collection consists of 3 vegan-friendly products to help smooth skin, tighten pores and reduce impurities. 




  • Poreless Clay CleanserCreamy clay cleanser that helps clear pores and reduce excess oil for healthy-looking skin. Rich in exfoliating superfruit acids and nutrient-packed prebiotics, this skin-refining daily cleanser gently deep cleans and purifies to keep pores clear. 
  • Poreless Exfoliating EssenseGentle daily exfoliating liquid that helps minimise the appearance of pores and reduce excess oil for healthy-looking skin. Rich in exfoliating superfruit acids and nutrient-packed prebiotics, this weightless essence is your daily essential for smaller-looking pores. 
  • Poreless Oil-Free MoisturiserLightweight, oil-free moisturizer that helps minimise the appearance of pores, reduce shine and hydrate. Rich in exfoliating superfruit acids and nutrient-packed prebiotics, this light moisturizing lotion provides essential hydration while helping to refine and smooth skins texture, so pores look smaller. 

If you’d like to take part, please click 'Reply' below and tell us why you would love to try this collection! A selection of members will be chosen at random to receive the product, along with 5 questions to answer and post on the Community for your fellow members to see.


Ends at midnight on Tuesday 3rd December.


Shop Bare Minerals here.


T&Cs: Entries will close at midnight on 10/01/20. A selection of members will be chosen at random from the entries. Product will be given in exchange for a review on the Community. The product cannot be returned and there is no cash alternative.

Nailing It

I love to tryout for this product because I am a big fan of bareMinarals products.

All Eyes on Me

@TazK Happy new year!

I would love to try out this collection as I’ve heard a lot of good things about this brand and I struggle to find a product to help tighten my pores especially around my nose area. I want my skin to be smoother so I can apply my foundation better.

I’m so happy to see more brands go ‘vegan’ 😁

Perfectly Primed

I too would love to try this range as a person with oily T zone reducing my pore size is always of concern plus Natural products are always a preference with me. 

Living the Highlight

As I've got older my pores are becoming more and more visible and I am struggling to find something to help minimise them so would love to try this 🧡


I love Bare Minerals as a brand and these new products look great! I would love to test them as I am keen to use more natural, vegan skincare in 2020. ❤️

Fresh Face

Hi! I would love to try these out. I use only Bare Minerals makeup and I am slowly swapping over (one product at a time) to their skin care too.  The fact that they’re vegan and natural is very important to me too. 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Getting Lippy

My OILY/COMBITATION facial skin would love these products! Also my pores are so big 😫😩😖🤯 Thanks for the chance ❤️❤️❤️  #bareminerals #debenhamsbeautycommunity #poreless ❤️❤️❤️

Nailing It

I would love to try this range and write a review for you. I am a huge fan of the BareMinerals makeup, but have never tried the skincare. It would be fantastic to start a new skincare regime in 2020, especially one with such great ingredients. I’m eating a more veggie diet this year, so it makes sense for my skincare to follow suit! x

Beauty Icon

@TazK I would love to try the exfoliating essence as I struggle with oily skin and clogged pores especially round my chin nose and fore head 

Winging It

Would love to try this range. Really love trying out new skincare products and I've never tried any from Bare Minerals before. #bareminerals #debenhamsbeautyclub Poreless Clay Cleanser 120Ml - bareMinerals Poreless Oil Free Moisturizer 50Ml - bareMinerals Poreless Exfoliating Essence 120Ml - bareMinerals 

Beauty Icon

@TazK  WOW What an amazing set! I would LOVE to be picked for this as I suffer with oily/combination skin and I'm trying to take care of my pores esp near my TZone area and with this cold season , it only makes it even worse so I feel I could do with some help and this is the best opportunity to take on. 

Just Arrived

My skin is super oily and  I deal with acne and breakouts since I was really young. So, this range would be the perfect thing to start the new year with a new and better skin. Also, 6 of january is my bday, and I would love to win this as a birthday gift. 🎉🎉🎉

Fresh Face

I wold like to try this products , because I’m in love BareMinerals makeup 😍

Winging It

I would love to try this collection as it sounds perfect for my skin. I'm suffering with terrible breakouts on my chin and always have huge pores thanks to my extremely oily complexion.

High Brow

I would love to try this set.. been trying to participate in many product testing competitions but I never get chosen 😭

Simply, I've never tried bareminerals products at all not even samples. That's why i really really really wish that i get chosen to try these lovely products ❤


@TazK  thank you ❤❤❤

Getting Lippy

I’d love to try ethical skincare range to keep my skin in tip top condition.  It’s sounds clean and fresh and just what my skin needs to glow through winter and beyond 😀 thanks ✨✨

Fresh Face

Would love to  try bare minerals products as never tried them before and heard good reviews

Beauty Crush
  • Happy New Year @TazK   I would love to be given the chance to try out these products. Trying out anything new in skincare can be exciting  but the fact it is vegan friendly just hits the jackpot for me as my New Years resolution is to try out more natural /vegan products 😍
Beauty Crush

@TazK Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing opportunity. Being a great fan of Bare Minerals I would love to try new products launched by the brand. I do prefer using skincare products suitable for vegetarian and vegans. As a whole till now I have used some Bare Minerals lipsticks, cleansing foam, moisturiser and serum and all those worked very well on my skin. So, would definitely love to try the new vegan range, thank you once again.

Fresh Face

I would love to try the above mentioned products. For sure these our going to be awesome.

Total Glossip

Happy new year, Debenhams beauty team 🖤


I would love to try this range because I have enlarge pore and oily skin! I recently finishing my origin set, and looking to try out a new ranges of skin care that suits my combination oily and pore skin! ☺️

Fresh Face

Im a big skincare junkie, and im always looking for the freshest, most gentle products to use on my skin. Love the look of this range for my combo skin; the essence looks wicked!


Would love this as I’ve always struggled with enlarged pores and have yet to find something that works! I love BareMinerals products and have found them to be very effective for me so it’d be great to try one of their products addressing my biggest skin concern!

Beauty Icon

Happy new year @TazK 

what an amazing opportunity for the beauty club members !


i don’t have that bad pores 

I mean our skin does need some pores to be open to let it breath but I would love to try this range to keep them at bay and not get worse with ageing 

I would definitely try them even if I don’t get picked out as I love bareminerals and i am sure this range would be amazing !


good luck everyone  🍀🍀🍀🍀

@bonnieburton @Beauty1 @Areej @Michele82 @TH130199 @Boss786 @Mid12 @Claire @Julia @JennnCore @SophieLH @Samshine 

Beauty Icon

Kicking off the new year in style, @TazK! 🖤


I would love the opportunity to try this as I adore Bare Minerals. Plus vegan products are absolutely the way forward for a better world 🖤


Thank you for the tag, @Shafaqshehzad 😘🖤

Getting Lippy

I would LOVE to try out the Poreless range from Bare Minerals as I have always loved their brand and would love to see if their vegan skincare range can combat my skin. 


Hi @TazK I would love the chance to try this range please as I'm a big fan of Bare Minerals! Have a few of their make up products but not tried much of the skincare range.

Beauty Icon

Happy New Year @TazK  and all the other admin ladies, hope you have a great year!


This is such an exciting opportunity, I love and use loads of Bare Minerals makeup but never tried the skincare which I would love to do. My skin needs all the help it can get at the moment with all the health issues I have had over the last couple of months!


Thank you for the tag @Shafaqshehzad . 

@Annmac  in case you miss this chance!


Good luck!

Getting Lippy

I am trying clean eating , so adding clean beauty products to my New Years resolution and have the best skin ever 

Nailing It

Happy New Year to all the team! Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful 2020 year!


I'd love to try it as I love BareMinerals products. I've tried and I do have some of their makeup products but I've never tried their skincare products and I love to take care of my skin. That's  a great opportunity and thank you for that!

Total Glossip

I would love to try this range because I love bare minerals, in particular I find that the Skinlongevity Vital Power Serum 50Ml - bareMinerals  is like having an instant facial.  

Going Pro

Happy new year @TazK ✨


I would love to try this collection because it sounds perfect for my skin concerns. I have enlarged pores and I have been struggling to find products that work to minimise them.

Beauty Icon

Happy New Year @TazK 


I was actually asking the ladies just before Christmas about some product that will help to reduce  pores, as I’ve noticed some on my upper cheeks recently. So this would be a great thing to test out.❤️


Thank you loads @Shafaqshehzad for tagging me ❤️

Nailing It

Love to give this a try especially with it being vegan ,I love bare minerals ,so double whammy 😘😍keeping an eye out for this one 🤞🤞

Beauty Icon

@TazK Happy New Year lovely what a lovely way to start the new year with new skincare😍😍 

Id love to try these out and give you my honest opinion as most of you know im a batemineral fan and always rave about their products so i would love the chance to test and review these for you guys 💝🤞🤞🤞

Beauty Icon

This whole range sounds like something I need I’m slightly obsessed over my pores and would do anything to minimise them.

Beauty Crush

Happy New Year @TazK  & all the other lovely admins. I would love to try it because I have never tried anything from Bare Minerals & as I am struggling to find the apt products for my enlarged pores, I think these products would be great to try out.

Winging It

I really like bareMinerals products and I would love to try these. I do have a problem with pores and fine lines, so this would be perfect for me. Thank you for the chance!

Getting Lippy

@TazK I would love to try this collection as I'm a big fan of Baremimerals. Also I love the fact that this is a vegan collection I hope more products go vegan. I have big pores for which I've tried lots of products so hopefully this could help me. 

Getting Lippy

I would to try this collection because i have large pores and i am struggling to find the right product that suits my skin type.

Beauty Crush

Thanks for this opportunity.


I would love to try this product as I have never tried anything from this brand before and also because it's vegan so this must be kinder to our skin, I often get tiny spots on my face no matter how hard I try to keep it clear so I would appreciate if I could have the chance  to try this new product.


Thanks again and happy new year to you @TazK  Smiley Happy

Getting Lippy

I would love to try this product from Bare Minerals, I have a few of their products and I love them. I also suffer with large pores which affects my confidence. Some days I just dont want to go out and I've tried everything so would love to see if this worked 🤞

Fresh Face

When even the dermatologist you're consulting about a mole remarks on how big your facial pores are (ouch! Smiley Sad), the 'Poreless' collection sounds about right to try.


I would love to try this because I have never used skincare products from Bare Minerals and this would be an amazing opportunity to start from ❤️😍

Going Pro

@TazK  Happy new year! 🍾

I would like to try the new bareminerals poreless range because my biggest skincare concern is my blocked pores on my chin which look unsightly, they never seem to reduce or declog for long! It would be great to try the range to review if the products work 😍💖


@TazK  what a wonderful opportunity happy new year lovely 😊 i have so many open pores on my face i badly need this 

@Shafaqshehzad  thanks for the tag lovely 😘

@TazK I have been a vegan for over 5 years. I am excited about this range Smiley Happy I would love to have the opportunity to try it. I love supporting the vegan community in a positive way!

@TazK the reason for which I would love to test the products is that I have got visibly enlarged pores on my nose and I have also got some pores on my chins too and I want to get rid of those pores and want my skin to look smoother and tighter. I do love the brand Bare Minerals a lot too.

Total Glossip

I’d love to try this as pores are one of my biggest concerns skincare-wise 

First Base

I’d love to try these products as I am a huge fan of bare minerals products.  I’m always struggling with blemishes and pores so trying to find something that helps!