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If you haven't already heard of our Community New on You scheme, you're going to want to listen to this. We are selecting Community members at random to test products and they will then share their thoughts with the rest of the Community.  Our testers get a new product to play with, and the Community gets a brand new beauty review.


This time, we asked 10 members to try the new Tiffany & Co. Sheer Eau de Toilette - a fresh sparkling update of the signature fragrance. With notes of blackcurrant, vert de mandarine and ylang ylang, the fragrance also contains an iris base with blends of rose oil. Let's not forget the bottle too; a glistening inspiration from the iconic Tiffany & Co. diamonds we all dream of - not to mention a more affordable version, too! Here’s what our Community had to say…





"I had so many lovely compliments!" - @Treen 


“I was lucky to test for the new Tiffany Sheer - it's a beautiful light gentle sweet scented perfume and perfect for the approaching summer days. The light fresh scent smelt of spring flowers with a subtle berry undertone, and I chose to spritz over my wrists, neck and hair. 

I wore it to a birthday dinner and had so many lovely comments on how sweetly I smelt. It's perfect for those who prefer a light scent, and I shall be recommending to friends. Contemporary glass design bottle with the oh so familiar luxurious Tiffany blue box. Stunning!”


"It's like the first signs of spring" - @Priya_13 


"The bottle is gorgeous, so simple and classy and the fragrance itself is light, fresh and feminine, which I like because it's subtle but distinct. It's like the first signs of spring (sorry to be cheesy) but it has a very light floral and fruity touch. The scents I detect is rose and a touch of citrus.”

“I would recommend to a friend especially for the summer months and to take on holiday. I think it would suit all ages too, it has universal appeal. Overall I would have been happy to buy this for myself or as a gift!”



"Beautiful & exactly what you would expect from such a classy brand!" - @Mrscrowler 


“I was lucky enough to receive the new Tiffany & Co Sheer fragrance to review and oh oh does this tick a lot of the boxes for me when I’m looking for a new perfume! The packaging is absolutely beautiful, and exactly what you would expect from such a classy brand.


The smell of this perfume is light, mildly floral, it’s a beautiful subtle scent that reminds me of a woodland walk in the rain. It has a bit of lasting power too... I could still smell it after several hours, but if you did want to ensure it lasted all day I’d say you’d need to reapply at some point.


I would recommend this to anyone who likes subtle and light scents, it’s definitely not a powerhouse perfume! But I love it and it suits my personality well.”


"Perfect for any occasion!" - @Glossygirl88 


“I was selected to review Tiffany Sheer and what a delightful perfume it is. I love the clear colour of the scent it feels so modern, clean and glamorous.

The aroma is light, fruity and earthy notes with an undertone of Iris which I think is perfect for any occasion.  It made me feel light and clean when wearing in the daytime and sparkling and fresh in the evening.  The aroma lasted all day/night and my tip is to spritz just a touch onto the sides of the hair so it lasts.

This perfume is beautifully presented in a bottle that is cut like a diamond, which is so enticing and this would make a perfect present for any special occasion.”




"Flowery, fresh scent!" - @Mariola 


“I was one of the lucky girls to test the Tiffany & Co. perfume for Debenhams Beauty Club and OMG the perfume smells amazing! Flowery, fresh scent which lasts for a long time!

The best way to wear it is to spray it and walk in to the scent. This perfume will make you feel like a million dollars – definitely recommend for a nice gift for anyone.”


"It didn't disappoint" - @Loulabella 


“What a lovely surprise to be chosen to review this beautiful perfume. I waited before reviewing to ensure that I gave it a full test drive - and it didn't disappoint.

Firstly the packaging is gorgeous. It comes in a substantial box in the iconic Tiffany aqua with navy lettering. Inside, cradled in the base is a heavy cut crystal bottle, with a silver collar engraved with the Tiffany name. This is seriously classy packaging. Elegant, timeless yet also modern.


The fragrance itself lasted surprisingly well for an EDT. Far beyond the usual 1-2 hours. My husband noticed! Shock! He said it smelled summery and flowery. One daughter commented it smelled lovely while the other immediately wanted it for herself. No surprise there - she appreciates quality! The fragrance is soft, light, fresh and softly floral. It has a subtle warm woody undertone.”

Shop the new Tiffany & Co. Sheer Eau De Toilette 


Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

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I haven't tried it but these reviews are tempting me big time! 🖤

Getting Lippy

Would love to try and review 

Getting Lippy

I bought this and its lovely. A great fresh smell. I get headaches with lots of perfumes but this did not give me one at all. Rather large packaging but I suppose thats Tiffany. 

Winging It

Would of absolutely loved to have reviewed this.  I’ve been a perfume collector and it’s been a passion of mine for over 25 years when I got my first bottle of perfume. It was miss dior and from that day perfumes were my first love 

Fresh Face


Blending In

World love to try this one 

Beauty Icon

Sounds spring is in the air😍😍

Getting Lippy

Would love to try and review. Bottle looks nice.


These reviews are tempting me! 😍😍

Nailing It

Loved reading the reviews! I have to say he notes are very me, and even though I’m not a big fan of Tiffany’s jewellery, I think I may need to try this one out x

Fresh Face

this is smells amazing! a bit expensive but so worth it 

Nailing It

Would love to try as im big fan of scents, but never tried this brand.

Beauty Icon

Loving the packaging so clean and simple 😍 would definitely go and sniff it when im next in Debenhams, who knows, it might become my new favourite 💖