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If you haven't already heard of our Community New on You scheme, you're going to want to listen to this. We are selecting Community members at random to test products and they will then share their thoughts with the rest of the Community.  Our testers get a new product to play with, and the Community gets a brand new beauty review.


This time, we asked 10 members to try the brand new (and exclusive to Debenhams) Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau De Toilette. This floral, feminine fragrance is the latest member of the Mon Guerlain clan, and smells like a true bouquet; complete with notes of Sambac Jasmine and Carla lavender for a radiant, lively scent. Here’s what our Community had to say…


"I've had so many compliments!" - @Sabina123 


“I absolutely love it - I feel like I've been showered with a gorgeous floral bouquet that has a mix of different flowers including roses. I've had so many compliments when I’ve been wearing this and I’ve been surprised that the scent has lasted so well throughout the day. I will definitely be buying this  again when I run out as I love the fresh floral smell of the different flowers. Think it may even become one of my favourites!”

Untitled design.jpg


"It really smells like a bouquet" @Shanti 


“I loved the elegant and simple but classy packaging and the lovely bottle inside. Any perfume has to look good if it has to be chosen for a present.


The smell is floral mostly rose and very light indeed. It really smells like a bouquet. Rose does stand out but there’s a beautiful blend of other flower fragrances which is delightful and perfect for daytime wear - not overpowering at all, which makes it a winner in my book. This has definitely become one of my favourite rose fragrances!”




"Fresh, floral and a little fruity" - @apple 


“The scent is fresh, floral and a little fruity. It's a very delicate feminine scent and not overpowering at all. Although it’s a toilette, the fragrance lasted throughout the day, without the need to top up which is always a bonus! I like to spray a little on before and after getting dressed, and a little on my hair, this way the scent always seems to last throughout the day.”


“I would recommend this perfume, it's such a lovely scent, I’ve already had so many compliments. It would be a great addition to anyone's collection.”


"Spray onto your hairbrush for the scent to last longer!" - @CharlotteN 


“I absolutely love the bottle of this fragrance. It has an elegant and classic shape to it and would look beautiful on anyone's dressing table. I also love that the box it comes in is small and would look lovely wrapped up as a gift for someone special.

Definitely to spray your chosen scent onto your hairbrush so that whenever you brush through your hair you get a smell of it which is really long lasting. Another good way to make your fragrances last longer on your body is to apply the body lotion of that scent first and layer the perfume over the top.

I would definitely recommend Bloom Of Rose to others as I think it would appeal to many different age ranges because of the classic, elegant packaging and light floral scent. My best friend loves all floral scented fragrances and I know she would absolutely love this!”


i am ellen.jpg


"Fresh, but not overpowering" - @i_am__Ellen 


“This fragrance comes in a simple but elegant designed bottle. The EDT is fresh and not overpowering and I like floral perfumes, so I'm a fan of the smell of Bloom of Rose.”

“I would describe the smell as Floral, fresh and warm. The initial smell leans slightly towards the sweet side, it then turns into a more floral smell. If you are testing this in-store, do give it a bit of time to develop. It's not one of those perfume with a really strong top note, in the case of Bloom of Rose, all the notes worked and combined nicely together.”




"I know it's going to be worn all summer" - @Aliyah_zz 


"I was lucky to have been picked to review this perfume and here are my thoughts on it . I love the elegant and grand shape of the perfume bottle looks pretty on my dresser. I would describe this smell to be sweet but not overpowering  it has a very fresh floral scent with some hints of fruitiness, very feminine I love it, it’s been my favourite since receiving it and I know it’s going to be worn all summer.  


This perfume works well day/night. I like to spray the perfume on the inside of my wrists either side of my neck and my hijab/hair  to make the scent last all day . I am definitely recommending this to friends and family because it’s such a pretty, fresh feminine, unique scent that smells just lovely.  😊Thank you so much Debenhams Community team"


Shop the new Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose. 


Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

All Eyes on Me

despite the fact the packaging looks gorgeous and looks so girly, unfortunately I am allergic to flowers so I think I will give this product a miss, however I did think that your review was very good.


It really is a lovely fragrance. Thanks again for the opportunity to be a tester 🌷 


All Eyes on Me

Ooohhhh my reviews on here!!!

Getting Lippy

I got this on the try and buy promise sadly it gave me a headache Not the fault of the product its just me, it was a lovely fresh smell, one of the only ones where my husband said 'oh you smell nice' sadly I had to return the unopened product. 

Nailing It

@DaisyCR  Loving this new setup on feedback on perfumes tested. This and the Tiffany post are both so informative!

Beauty Icon

Looks so cute! I love sweet floral smells and cant wait to try all these new perfumes! 🥰